1. 36degrees

    Confirmed Date field accessible name is overridden by the help text

    Form controls that ask for dates (with data-xf-init="date-input") generally seem to be associated with their labels correctly, but the use of aria-label on the form controls (to provide the 'Use the arrow keys to pick a date' help text) overrides the label – the accessible name for these...
  2. 36degrees

    Fixed 'Order by' radio buttons in search are not grouped and not associated with the 'Order by' text

    The radio buttons for 'Order by' are not inside a radio group and are not associated with the 'Order by' text (which should be the name for the group).
  3. 36degrees

    Fixed 'Search in forums' and 'Search in categories' in advanced search do not have accessible names

    The labels for the 'Search in forums' and 'Search in categories' selects in advanced search are not associated with the selects. This means that these selects do not have an accessible name.
  4. 36degrees

    Fixed Labels for custom fields are not associated with their inputs

    The labels for custom fields are not associated with their inputs using the for attribute. For example, this is the markup for a custom field for a user's country: <dl class="formRow formRow--customField formRow--input" data-field="country"> <dt> <div class="formRow-labelWrapper">...
  5. 36degrees

    Fixed Mobile nav trigger does not have an accessible name

    The mobile nav trigger (p-nav-menuTrigger) does not have an accessible name. Although there is a nested <span class="p-nav-menuText">Menu</span> this is hidden using display: none and so not available to assistive technologies. It may make sense to use an aria-label instead. It's also currently...
  6. M

    Add 'Previous' and 'Next' title attributes to XFMG media item < and > links

    On individual media item pages, the < and > link navigation buttons to the left and right of the media item each currently lack a title attribute. Lighthouse flags this as an accessibility concern. This is also the case for the filmstrip beneath the media item. In total their are 4 failing...
  7. willl

    Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Favorite Nodes on Forum List

    Forums with large numbers of nodes (and sub-nodes) create a navigational challenge for keyboard & blind users. While XenForo provides a watched nodes page, an optional node & category list that shows watched nodes and sorts by activity pairs well with my suggestion for the skip nav item...
  8. willl

    Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Style properties for focus-states

    While XenForo does a nice job on focus states, providing dedicated controls for them beyond search & basic inputs would be ideal. In some customization cases additional CSS must be added to ensure focus states for links and buttons are visible (such as monochromatic designs), and most users...
  9. willl

    Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Skip Navigation & Other Elements

    I'm working on ways to enhance accessibility for XenForo, and have a few items I'd like to suggest become part of XenForo core. Skip Navigation Skip navigation is an exceptionally critical element for any sites with larger navigations; XenForo's trigger-to-expand sub-nav items is fantastic, but...
  10. adamgreenough

    Use semantic paragraph <p> tags in post content instead of line breaks <br> (Accessibility, Semantics, Bug Fixing, Styling, SEO?)

    I've commented about this before but have been recommended to start a suggestions thread! Currently, the Froala editor uses paragraph <p> tags for a hard return and line breaks <br> for soft return if you inspect the HTML while editing. This is how things should work and do in almost all...
  11. Wutime

    Accessible Navigation for Assistive Devices 1.0.0

    Large header/footer navigation buttons for people that use assistive devices to navigate the web (eye gaze, foot mouse, etc). These types of users often have miss-clicks and issues navigating default Xenforo. By default, the buttons do not show. If a user chooses to enable them, they do so by...
  12. Wutime

    Allow User to Hide Avatars v1.1.1

    If you have accessibility concerns the large avatars showing up on the thread lists can be distracting and take up space for people using screen readers and assistive technology (AT) devices. This addon gives users the ability to turn them off in their site preferences. If you have other...
  13. Chromaniac

    Lack of interest Keep focus in editor after post is made from quick reply box

    At least on Chrome, the focus moves to the post button (even when keyboard shortcut is used to post the content) and I have to click shift-tab to get the focus back to the reply box. On my 1.x install, the focus stays in the editor which allows me to continue posting in the thread if required...
  14. ibnesayeed

    Lack of interest Gmail-like Global Keyboard Shortcuts

    Gmail has an excellent keyboard shortcut support. Some shortcuts are only available when a text field or editor is in focus and other are available in other contexts, some are always enabled some require a setting to be toggled on. To see a list of shortcuts in Gmail, press the "?" key when no...