Lack of interest Gmail-like Global Keyboard Shortcuts

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Gmail has an excellent keyboard shortcut support. Some shortcuts are only available when a text field or editor is in focus and other are available in other contexts, some are always enabled some require a setting to be toggled on. To see a list of shortcuts in Gmail, press the "?" key when no text input field is in focus. There are many JavaScript libraries that allow adding support for keyboard shortcuts in web applications.

It would be cool to be able to:
  • focus on a thread in the threads list and use UP/DOWN keys to move the focus, then hit enter to load the thread in focus
  • same way, navigating the focus on various posts in an open thread page and access reply, quote, or like functionality for the post in focus, a shortcut to just to the next/previous page or accessing any page number (by opening the jump-to pagination form), shortcut to bring focus to the reply box, and shortcut to send the reply
  • shortcuts to access the search box anytime and using the navigation bar
  • and last but not least, a shortcut to access the list of all the shortcuts
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