keyboard shortcut

  1. R

    Fixed Ctrl+Y for redo not working on 2.0

    Hi, in XF 1.5 Ctrl+Z was undo, Ctrl+Y was redo. In XF 2.0 Ctrl+Z is undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z is redo. Was there a reason for the change? Any way both Ctrl+Y and Ctrl+Shift+Z can perform redo? Thanks.
  2. alexD

    Fixed Alt + ⬅️ keyboard shortcut gets canceled

    The common browser shortcut of navigating to the previous page is not working as expected when viewing a media file that is part of a multi media album, as the Alt + Left Arrow key combination might get prevented. Open an album. Open a media file. Click on a sibling media thumbnail. Hitting the...
  3. ibnesayeed

    Lack of interest Gmail-like Global Keyboard Shortcuts

    Gmail has an excellent keyboard shortcut support. Some shortcuts are only available when a text field or editor is in focus and other are available in other contexts, some are always enabled some require a setting to be toggled on. To see a list of shortcuts in Gmail, press the "?" key when no...