1. Alpha1

    Language Nodes

    For sites that cater to multiple languages and countries xenforo is challenging because there is no multilingual solution. The problem is this: We cater to specific groups of members who are interested in content from one, two or more languages, but are likely not interested in content in...
  2. ekool

    XF 1.5 xenForo Google results fall behind vBulletin

    We run a very large number of community sites (upwards of 200). We started moving a few sites over to the xenForo platform over the past few years and we do prefer this product over vBulletin. However, Google prefers vBulletin. What can we do about this? Here are a few examples to illustrate...
  3. Donny

    Anybody use SEOMOZ? Is it worth it?

    I keep considering SEOmoz but I'm not sure burrying myself in any more statistics and making knee-jerk reactions based on what I keep seeing is worth it. Does anybody particularly care about how 'seo friendly' their site is beyond the core system of XF, which I have to say is pretty awesome.
  4. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Define language per node

    We can only define one language per installation. So even if we have a multilingual setup then all content will get the same language identifier. i.e. English content will get the ISO language code lang="de" if the main language is chosen to be German. This is pretty bad for SEO, because Google...
  5. Tan Tran

    Unmaintained XenTag Importer 1.0

    I created this addon to import XenTag Tags on my community, it worked fine, so i would like to share here. It will import XenTag tags to XenForo 1.5 Tag system and also help to redirect old tags that indexed by search engines to new url (from (+) to (-) url). Warning: This was created on...
  6. TickTackk

    Reckons Team Better Tags [Paid] [Deleted]

    batpool52! submitted a new resource: Reckons Team Better Tags - Better tags usage that makes use of Wikipedia to get information about each and every tag. Read more about this resource...
  7. TickTackk

    Lack of interest Video search schema and open graph tags support

    It would be nice to add support for open graph video tags or (and?) for Videos. Adding support for video search would be beneficial for seo purposes I guess.
  8. OakleyForum

    Edit Meta Description for Threads 1.0.5

    Description This add-on allows you to manually set the meta-description of any thread. This is especially useful for forums: Where posts contain images or display tags in the meta-description Where the first post contains very few relevant keywords and therefore ranks poorly Features Can...
  9. agison

    Unmaintained [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization & CDN Support 2.3.0 20170315

    NOTE: THIS ADDON CURRENTLY DOESN'T WORK WITH XENFORO PROXY FEATURE. Imagine a thread with 100 image attachments, when a user loads the page, these images generate 100x6 = 600 queries in my DB servers (in full-size image mode). This's crazy! This addon reduces the usual 6 queries per image to 1...
  10. agison

    Unmaintained [Tinhte] XenTag 3.2.5

    NEW XENTAG 3.X REQUIRES XENFORO 1.5 GUIDE TO UPGRADE FROM XENTAG 2.X TO 3.X: FEATURES #hashtag Staff only tags Tags for Forum and Page nodes. Auto tag linking for post and resource content (great for SEO...
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