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XF 1.5 How to fix duplicate title and descriptions in resources for SEO

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
Google Webmaster tools is flagging up a lot of duplicate title meta tags (in HTML Improvements) due to a resource and its associated discussion being seen as two distinct pages but with same title tag.

I believe for better SEO this should not happen, should there be a rel=next/prevous attribute to stop this happening.

Same is happening for description meta tags, same tag for overview, history, comments though I believe this is less of a SEO issue.


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there's the same problem with threads from different sub-nodes with the same title

same problem with title tags of threads if your nodes are like that:
  • Women
    • Shopping
    • Family
  • Men
    • Shopping
    • Family
There will be 2 shopping nodes and 2 family nodes but google will see duplicates because they are: