RM 1.2 Resource and SEO


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Ok, This is what happens to me, when I create a category eg : ( Security ) and i add a subcategory ( firewall )
when you are browsing over subcategory There is no mention to the main category in URL or Title, just firewall.

How i can do make resource SEO friendly ?

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Chris D

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Generally it's not necessary to implement a fully nested URL scheme in this way to aid SEO.

The HTML5 microdata in the breadcrumbs on the page is what really helps search engines to understand the structure of your site. It's a very old post, now, but this demonstrates how it helps:


So to answer your question, resources are already SEO friendly and no further enhancements are necessary. Even if changing the URL scheme was necessary, it would require custom development or an add-on to do so, which is likely going to bring little to no additional benefit over what is already available.