1. G

    just bought self hosted license please read...

    Hi so i bought the base xenforo self hosted license firstly i DID NOT realise that the cost of Resource Manager was only $15 instead of $60 when i purchased my solo self hosted license (can staff support me in purchasing ther resounrce manager for $15 please?) But now it is not even appearing in...
  2. N

    XenForo License Verification - FRENCH translation [Deleted]

    nicodak submitted a new resource: XenForo License Verification - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the XenForo License Verification add-on from Xon Read more about this resource...
  3. Up4Deal

    Up4Deal - Make your Forum Great Again !

    Ladies and gentlemen, We present you a new service for and only for XenForo 2.x Our available services: Installation Service Securing your XenForo Add-on installations Installation theme Forum Creation We will soon propose : The creation of add-ons Importing forums to XenForo 2 You...
  4. T

    Can use old license on local host?

    I have purchased a license at and I have installed a forum on the host already. Now, if I install a forum on Localhost, can I use that license again?
  5. nopsai

    XF 1.5 Can I install XenForo in two different folders but in the same domain to provide different language support?

    I would like to support other language communities in my business. I thought the solution would be to create other xenforo installations and use each one for a language. For example: Is this allowed?
  6. Abraham54

    XF 2.1 Strange message

    I upgraded my forum to XF 2.1 This message appears: The Board URL option does not match the site URL configured for your license. That is strange - it still is the same addres I use since 2016.
  7. R

    How many licenses will I have to buy ...

    ... when I have f.x. three servers running xenForo behind a load balancer? Would that be three licenses or just one? Thanks Raffael
  8. LandyVlad

    Change ownership/migrate server

    This is a potential scenario for me, in a not-for-profit context. I've no previous Xenforo experience, but do run a different SMF forum so am familiar with general hosting etc. Existing Xenforo forum ( on Host A. Owned by person 1. Person 1 may cede/ nominally 'sell' to me (as...
  9. kingdomkz

    License Transfer

    I was told by the account holder of a license that I just purchased, that support told them that I need to make a support ticket as the "current" license holder of a XenForo license, but I don't have the XenForo License transferred yet to my account, thus I cannot make a support ticket if I...
  10. llorephie

    Alternative payment methods rather than PayPal

    Hi, is it possible to checkout XenForo license not via PayPal processing? I've banned there, so I can't purshase license extension =\ Anything not affilates with this dudes - Stripe (or any other Visa processing), Bitcoin (and other altcoins), direct wire transfer. Thanks.
  11. Ulas K

    About License Extras

    Hello, Can I buy extras (branding removal or other addons etc.) after than buying the license? E.g.: I bought only license today. Can I buy branding removal or other extras, after 6-7 months later? Is this possible?
  12. Codeless

    XF 1.5 Xenforo Client area support

    Hello . i Purchased xenforo on Oct 8, 2015 and then Support/updates end: Oct 7, 2016. but i take Xnforo Enhance search module 2/3 months ago but since i didn't renew my Xenforo subscription i am also unable to get Enhance Search updates why ?
  13. BassMan

    [cXF] Xen Product Manager Renew License Button [Paid]

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Xen Product Manager Renew License Button - Add renew license button to your licenses page for easier license and multiple renewal. Read more about this resource...
  14. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Xen Product Manager Renew License Button 1.0.1

    Description: Add renew license button to your licenses page for easier license and multiple renewals. Requirements: Xen Product Manager Screens: Installation: Download and unzip it From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page Upload the xml file and click the Install...
  15. v8td

    Updating multiple licenses

    "Support and upgrade access can currently be extended for $40 for an additional 12 months" If i have multiple licenses... do i have to pay $40 x Number of licenses for UPDATE? I hope NOT... $40 is for getting support and access resources, right?
  16. BassMan

    Licensing option and cart

    It would be great to have a licensing option and some kind of cart in resource manager, so users can add more resources to buy or download at once.
  17. rvnorth

    XF 1.3 How to repay for license and get help upgrading

    Hi, I was here latest 2013 and needs to pay for new license again, how do I do that ? I checked if there were a section were I could putin for a job request etc but couldnt find it. So I would like to ask for someone to set it all up for me. Update it and modify settings etc. I also need a...
  18. E

    Suggestion to improve subscription/license rules.

    Hello, I would like to suggest to have a slightly better subscription/license rules when it comes to multiple languages. Let me explain I want to run 1 forum but in two languages so I bought two domains. Now I want to run technically the exact same forum on both...
  19. GeorgioGalben

    expired license

    Hi, I want to know if i buy expired license to own it in my hosting... if i can renew it later. expired license from : to: obviously those links are an example :D thank you in advance and cheers!
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