Updating multiple licenses


"Support and upgrade access can currently be extended for $40 for an additional 12 months"

If i have multiple licenses... do i have to pay $40 x Number of licenses for UPDATE? I hope NOT...

$40 is for getting support and access resources, right?
Each license comes with 12 months support and upgrades. After the 12 months, each license would need to be renewed for $40 (or more depending on any extras) if you wished to have support with that license or upgrade that license. You can continue to use the software after the 12 months, without renewing, if you have no need for support or upgrades on that license.
What if there are many releases between current version and last update (maybe major version increased),
we will pay (per license) $40 (or whatever would be the upgrade price) and all changes, including database, are supported.

LE: yes, $40 without addons

I have several boards that i would like to convert to xenforo...

The problem is that i'm using phpBB - SEO (premodded) and the permalink (friendly url) is stored into database (topics table) and need to preserve the links... At least for now i found out on this forum that "thread" word from link cannot be eliminated.

But transfer is another topic, so i'll stop with this problem.
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