XF 2.2 Although I have the right, the last update file gives a license error.



The article on my membership page about when I purchased the forum software and when the update period will end.
Purchased Oct 18, 2021 Support and updates until Today at 12:21 AM

The release date of the last update file is October 11.
So I need to be able to install this update file.
In fact, when I enter my membership panel, I can only download this version.

However, after pressing the update button on the forum site, I started getting the following weird error and had to restore the previous version to fix it.

The following issues must be resolved as soon as possible. Once they have been resolved, check for upgrades again to confirm.
You are running a version of XenForo which is newer than your license permits.

Can someone explain to me why I'm getting the following ridiculous warning because I'm entitled to upgrade to 2.2.11 but haven't renewed the update period?


Thank you