1. Promote your Twitch streams in our stream library for more exposure! |

    Promote your Twitch streams in our stream library for more exposure! |

    Growing a community or gaining a following & viewership as a content creator or streamer can be difficult. A great way to grow your stream and gain more views.
  2. Nulumia

    Unmaintained Simplicity Lite (Free)

    Simplicity Lite is a crisp, beautiful light style for Xenforo 2 forum. Simplicity features an elegant, soft color palette with one-click full width mode and easy color change! Our free themes are also compatible with many of the most popular Xenforo 2 addons. Create amazing article CMS layouts...
  3. eTiKeT™

    Unmaintained [XenGenTr] Free Style V1 1.0.0

    [XenGenTr] Free Style V1 Installation Instructions: While in the Admin CP, select: Appearance > Styles > Import > Child of style: (No Parent) > and then click "Import" Demo : [XenGenTr] Free Style V1
  4. Xyphien

    Unmaintained Demi 1.0

    Demi is an dark theme that is grey & red themed. All images are customization in the Styles folder, and MUST be changed. The images shown are for place holder images only. They're copyrighed, and used for an actual product called Demi. This theme doesn't come with a copyright, nor does it...
  5. eTiKeT™

    Unmaintained [XenGenTr] Mavis Style 2018-12-02

    xF Mavis Style - FREE Developer: eTiKeT™ Name : [XenGenTr] Mavis Style Published : 2018 Forum Demo :
  6. Gator

    Shades of Blue 2.2.1

    Shades of Blue A simple dark theme for XenForo 2 No template edits ...only CSS additions You can see it in action on my personal website here: For xenForo 2.2, the style has been exported as an "archive" so simply import the ".zip file" only. Installation Instructions: While in the Admin CP...
  7. VanillaNeko

    Unmaintained French translation for Chat by Siropu [] 2.0.2

    French translation of the best tchat in XenForo.
  8. VanillaNeko

    Unmaintained French Language - XenForo 2 (By FREE 2.0.1

    Complete translation of xenforo 2 by xenTrad and free ! If you like our work, don't hesitate to make a small donation.
  9. Nulumia

    Unmaintained Simplicity Lite 1.03

    Simplicity is a free, light-weight and -- simple! -- style for Xenforo, great for anyone looking for a minimalistic theme. Simplicity doesn't have bells and whistles, but makes minimal edits to default Xenforo to give you a pretty and elegant starter theme, making it both light and fast...
  10. runice


    runice submitted a new resource: Xenow - Xenow - free style for XenForo Read more about this resource...
  11. runice

    Unmaintained Xenow

    [RN] Xenow - free style for XenForo Developer: runice Name: Xenow 100% free Font Awesome 4.7.0 Text logo
  12. VanillaNeko

    Unmaintained French translation for ACP Extended (ACPE) 1.7

    This Add-On features numerous enhancements for XenForo and especially the ACP, and which improve many security-related functions, the security of your XenForo. The following functions provides you the ACP Extended (please look at the images - more on ACP -> Home: Displayed...
  13. Thomas_b_t

    Unmaintained NodesAsTabs Danish 1.0.0

    You vill need Node As Tabs V 1.5.1
  14. william1872

    XF 1.4 Free and Paid Membership

    Hi Guys, Is there any way to separate free and paid membership registrations? Will this require two registration pages? As part of the free membership registration, we would like to limit access/set permissions to parts of the forum. What are the steps to limit access/set permissions for these...
  15. Kintaro

    less and less free addon?

    is it just me or new free addons release rate is dropping? (Waindigo => ThemeHouse excluded) I don't see this as a very negative thing... but is it happening?
  16. Adam K M

    [SCC] Minecraft Server Status [Deleted]

    Adam K M submitted a new resource: ♦SCC♦ Minecraft Server Status - A powerful minecraft server status add-on for xenForo Read more about this resource...
  17. Kirk

    Unmaintained GoodForNothing Avatar On Registration 1.0.0 Beta 3

    This Addon allows users to upload an image during registration. Here's the plain registration form: After: We've also added a option to make it required: Demo of it in action :
  18. Adam K M

    [SCC] Simple Donations

    Adam K M submitted a new resource: [SCC] Simple Donations - A super-simple, basic, add-on that adds a donation widget to your sidebar! Read more about this resource...
  19. lol768

    Unmaintained MessageAutoReplies 1.2.2

    Description MessageAutoReplies is a XenForo add-on which allows users to configure an auto-response message which is sent as an automatic response to incoming conversations. Access to set a message can be restricted with a permission node - ideal for only allowing staff to use the feature, for...
  20. JordanH

    Unmaintained Basic Advertisement Pack 1.0

    This is a basic advertising pack that you may use and edit for your websites. The design set was created by @Rihtar. The set was being provided originally by Josh and Rihtar. As the original source is now gone, I (Jordan) Purchased rights to the set so I can share them with you for free. What...