XF 1.4 Free and Paid Membership


Hi Guys,

Is there any way to separate free and paid membership registrations? Will this require two registration pages?

As part of the free membership registration, we would like to limit access/set permissions to parts of the forum. What are the steps to limit access/set permissions for these users to different parts of the forum? Can these free membership registrations be set so they require moderator's approval to be accepted?

Is there a way to send private messages to the whole membership (free and paid members) at once?

If a free member wants to upgrade to a paid member, what are the steps for that(limited access to full access)?

Thanks for the help guys
You can have one registration, but create 2 groups, one for free memberships and one for paid. Then you can use the permission system to give members access to the forums based on their group.

Yes, you can send a mass private message to all groups by using Message Users option in your Admin Panel.
I am new to Xenforo and just purchased it for my membership site.

I need to control a paid membership, may allow non-pays to see forum post headers only.
I would like to use Stripe in addition to Paypal to take payments.
I use Getresponse and would like to update my email lists when people sign up.

Any recommendations?

Thanks, Eric
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