1. Synted

    Experienced developer needed

    Need a developer to make a forum (budget: 4500$ flexible) have atleast 1 advanced forums made contcats: discord-acphigfx telegram-LietuvaOGU
  2. Sapling Central

    XF 2 [COMPLETE] Custom Theme

    Hey there! My name is Sean and I am reaching out to find a website designer experienced with XenForo designing specifically. I need a custom theme for my project and it shouldn’t be too much to ask for. This of course will be paid, I will discuss more when in contact. I have a couple of...
  3. sub_ubi

    Add-on XF2.1 [Paid] Two-clicks to react, limit specific reaction

    We have a need that isn't currently fulfilled by any existing resources. 1) Two clicks to react. First click/tap brings up the reaction menu, second click/tap leaves the reaction. We basically want to remove the current functionality of a click selecting the default reaction, and want to force...
  4. S

    [Paid] FULL migration from VB4 to XF, install some mods, style, etc.

    We are looking for an expert to help us migrate from VB to XF, including migrating mods and plugins and implementing styling work onto the XF theme. Please message with your area of expertise in this area and any plugins/styles you've created and migrations you've completed in the past. Also...
  5. John L.

    Add-on [Paid] Store Credits Integration with XenForo

    Hi Guys, I run a small gaming community and we have a handful of CSGO servers. These servers have a pretty cool plugin called "Store" that allows players to buy in-game items and perks. The plugin saves the players credits to an SQL database and they can gain those credits in a variety of ways...
  6. C

    Other Custom XenPorta layout tied with style [Paid]

    We're looking for a developer to assist us in making a new front page of our forum with XenPorta. Our current homepage: Our current XenPorta page: This is what we are looking for: The slider needs to be easily editable to add and remove...
  7. william1872

    XF 1.4 Free and Paid Membership

    Hi Guys, Is there any way to separate free and paid membership registrations? Will this require two registration pages? As part of the free membership registration, we would like to limit access/set permissions to parts of the forum. What are the steps to limit access/set permissions for these...
  8. rafass

    Other [Paid] Someone available now to do some work in my Server? [DigitalOcean]

    [Paid] I need to do some simple tasks on DigitalOcean. Someone available? Fast replies and communication via chat would be great.
  9. Bethk84

    Add-on [PAID] Sorting Hat add on for a Harry Potter RPG

    Sorting Hat plugin for Harry Potter RPG I am willing to pay up to for a Sorting Hat add on. This add on9 will sort students into different houses and into the appropriate schools. There are approximately 4 houses for each of the 7 schools in the RPG. Each School has its own sorting ritual...
  10. John L.

    Add-on Xenforo Game Server Listing via gameMe [PAID]

    Looking for an addon devleoper who would be interested in helping me create an addon. I can handle putting together the templates (which I already have examples done with CSS finished) and I need a developer to work on hooking into the gameMe API to list our the server information. I can get...
  11. Kiranyx

    Add-on Looking for a dev for an add-on (paid job)

    I need for an addon to create buttons that only admins can use (with configurable permissions). The buttons should be configurable per-forum, for exemple I setup an "Accept" button only available in the "Recruitement" forum, it appears in every thread, when I press it it lock the thread, it...
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