Add-on XF2.1 [Paid] Two-clicks to react, limit specific reaction


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We have a need that isn't currently fulfilled by any existing resources.

1) Two clicks to react. First click/tap brings up the reaction menu, second click/tap leaves the reaction. We basically want to remove the current functionality of a click selecting the default reaction, and want to force the user to choose.

2) Limit use of a specific reaction to X times per day, per user.

This is a contract job. I've worked with several other developers here if you need a reference that I'm easy to work with ;) I have a clear idea of what we need and am happy to communicate any further details you need. We don't require exclusivity.

Thank you for your time!
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My (paid) Content Ratings for XF2.1 add-on will be out in beta in a day or so which implements this as well as a pile of additional UI changes.