XF 2 YouTube Channel In Signature [PAID $40]


$40 paid via PayPal upon completion.

Hello everyone,

Looking for a developer - I need a way for each member to add their own YouTube channel link and subscriber count in their signature.

The member should be able to add their YouTube channel from the profile. There should be custom fields for either a channel or username or long URL if the member hasn't gathered enough subscribers (100 subs) yet.

The customization should have custom fields in the profile so the member can select the right one and the channel / subscriber count is shown like the image below.

The member will then have a YouTube logo and their channel name in their signature.

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 1.57.25 PM.webp

I can send more information and screen shots of what I'm looking for if anyone is interested in making this happen. A few other forums have this feature already so it is doable.

I'm not looking for shortcode to add a channel, e.g. [ytlink]someurl[/ytlink] it has to be added into the members profile so they don't have to worry about bb codes. The different ways a channel URL also has to be taken into account (does the member have a channel url or a user url? Does the member have more or less than 100 subs?)

I will show you screen shots of what I'm looking for so you can see if it's something you can help me with.

$40 paid via PayPal upon completion.

Thank you for checking this out. (y)
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