Add-on [Paid] Store Credits Integration with XenForo

John L.

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Hi Guys,

I run a small gaming community and we have a handful of CSGO servers. These servers have a pretty cool plugin called "Store" that allows players to buy in-game items and perks. The plugin saves the players credits to an SQL database and they can gain those credits in a variety of ways.

My add-on request is for a pretty simplistic integration with the Store database. Here is the list of features I would like to have:
  • Pull the amount of credits a user has if they have played in the server. Display in thread posts, user profile and user card.
  • When a user registers for the forums, give them X amount of credits for joining. This should be a one-time thing.
  • Cron job that checks to see if forum members have store accounts and if they haven't received the "registration credits" mentioned above, give it to them. This way people who have already registered can get it too.
This add-on will have a dependency on the following:
  • Steam Authentication & Integration: This add-on allows users to authenticate their forum account with their steam account. If the user doesn't have a steam account then it should not show any credits or give them any credits until they do.
Potential Complications or Difficulties:

The values for the Steam Authentication add-on are saved in the xf_user_external_auth table and saved in this format:
The Store plugin for the game servers, however, saves your Steam Authentication in this format:
There are a number of Steam ID converters that will show you the various ways the Steam ID value can be saved, but the most common is:
Here is a PHP-based Steam ID converter script that could be useful in the development of this add-on:

My thought would be to capture the Steam authentication value saved in external_auth, convert it to the STEAM_0:X:XXXX value and strip the STEAM_0: portion of the string to find the appropriate user in the Store SQL database.

This is all just my thought process, but if you have a better way to do it, then please do! Keep in mind that this project has a VERY SMALL budget. I can spare about $100 on the development of this add-on. If you're up for helping me with it, please feel free to either PM me or reply here.

Thanks for your time!