Add-on (PAID) Trakt integration with integrated Ozzy47's Movie and TV add-ons


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Hi Everyone

I needed a add-on based of this suggestion

Features I am Requesting:
  • integrated with @Ozzy47's Movie and TV add-ons
  • allows for Trakt integration that will track what movies/tv shows you have watched In users profile page (separate tab)
  • Add new option (for it to show all of your checkins, total watch time, most watched, etc.) on the XenForo profile page
  • Able to login with trakt using trakt Api
  • Support XenForo 2.2.12
also as well I needed the add-on to be branded under NICK97 as I needed to make money in some way!

I am willing to pay for this custom add-on development up to CA$250.00 and I will be getting paid on March 22 2023 and I will be able to send it on that day
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