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John L.

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Hi All,

Looking for a talented XenForo developer that could assist me with a custom plugin for my gaming community. One of the CSGO servers I run is called a "surf" server. It allows you to surf throughout fan-made maps and you're awarded points for being the first and best times to complete the maps. The server records all of this information into a MySQL database and I would like to integrate that database into my community forum.

Here is the feature set I'm looking for:
  • Dedicated Page to show a handful of surf statistics
    • Top X Players based off the points value recorded in database: This should be any number I set in the settings.
    • Showing the latest surf map completions from the database. There is a table with this information.
  • Dedicated Page to show all surf maps on the server and their top times
    • The database records all times for the surf maps and I want to list out all the maps uniquely in the database and grab their best time and the player who ran that time.
  • New Tab on User Profile page called "Surf Stats"
    • The surf stats tab should show all of the maps you've completed and your top times for that map.
This addon should also integrate with the Steam Authentication addon since I'm using that on my forum. This would be the easiest way to connect the times recorded in the database with the forum account responsible for those times. The addon should be smart enough to link the players name to their forum account and if they don't exist on the forum, just unlink it.

The settings portion in the admin cp should just have basic controls. The information for the surf database should be placed in there, the amount of players to show for the "Top X Players" potion.

No need to place the addon in the navigation since I'll use an addon to set that up :).

I'll be doing all of the template development work for this addon and will provide the stylings. If you're comfortable with that, I would appreciate it.

My budget is not very large, this is just a hobby of mine. Feel free to PM me and we can discuss pricing based off the features I've requested above.
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