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  1. Baby Community

    Add-on Isn't there an addon that can Add Images to Category Titles?

    Isn't there an addon that can Add Images to Category Titles? Or Coloring
  2. Chernabog

    Add-on XF2.0.11 - External Link Interstitial

    This was an excellent add-on created by a vendor for XF1.3+ -- for member privacy and our privacy policy having a message appear warning people that they were being redirected to a third party site whose privacy policies may not be the same as our own was very important. Does anyone know of an...
  3. SyTry

    Add-on XF2 - Add-on Hide Hack

    Hi, Someone would be able to do the same add-on under xenForo 2.0 : SyTry,
  4. John L.

    Add-on Game Server Listing Plugin [PAID]

    Hi All, I am looking for a capable developer that would be willing to work on a game server listing addon for XenForo 2.0. I have a project scope document prepared if you're interested. At the moment, my budget is $200 USD. If you're interested in taking on this project, please PM me and I'll...
  5. John L.

    Add-on [Paid] Surf MySQL Database Integration

    Hi All, Looking for a talented XenForo developer that could assist me with a custom plugin for my gaming community. One of the CSGO servers I run is called a "surf" server. It allows you to surf throughout fan-made maps and you're awarded points for being the first and best times to complete...
  6. John L.

    Add-on Xenforo Game Server Listing via gameMe [PAID]

    Looking for an addon devleoper who would be interested in helping me create an addon. I can handle putting together the templates (which I already have examples done with CSS finished) and I need a developer to work on hooking into the gameMe API to list our the server information. I can get...
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