Add-on [Paid] Simple Credits/Points Add-on

I run a site for writers that includes a critique forum. Members can post excerpts of their work and request others to critique and leave feedback for improvement.

The issue we run into is that many writers want to post for a free critique of their own work -- but they don't take the time to reciprocate and leave feedback for others. To keep things fair, I'd like to create a simple "points system" that forces writers to leave feedback for others in exchange for critiques of their own work.

Here's how the add-on should work:

- An admin can define the forum(s) where this add-on is active. The add-on should only impact the specified forum(s). Let's call these specified forums, "critique forums."

- A member must have two points to start a new thread in a critique forum. If they don't yet have two points, they'll receive an error message in a modal/overlay (indicating they first need two points) when they click the button to start a new topic in a critique forum.

- A member can earn one point by replying to another member's topic in a critique forum. They should only earn one point per thread.

- A member can't earn points for replying to his/her own thread

- A member must be able to see how many points s/he has in their account. I'm open to suggestions on where this information is placed.

Please contact me with your bid and an ETA if you're interested in this project. :)
nice idea, but why any developer did not reply? It is good opportunity and i would like to buy this adds-on too if any adds-on available.
Why don't you use the AD Credits add-on by audentio? You could start giving users credits ONLY for certain actions, like posting comments or liking or rating posts. And then charge them credit points to post a new thread in specific forums.
I don't think it would need any customizations as well, just need to set it up correctly and it should be good to go.