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I'm looking for a developer to create a paid add-on for my site. Please see the description below. Feel free to ask any questions to this thread. If you're interested in the job, please private message me with the cost, time until completion, and references. Thanks! :)


We have critique forums on our site where members can post threads requesting feedback on their work. Our site rules say that in order to post a thread in the critique forums, you must leave feedback for other members, first. Unfortunately, some members aren't honest and try to get around this by not leaving feedback for others, but still continuously posting their own threads. We'd like to create a plug-in that will help curb that behavior.

Basically, this add-on will allow users to post a new thread in the critiques forum for each X number of qualified responses they leave for others there.


In the admin backend:

Settings will be located in Admin > Setup > Options > Critique Forums

1) Admin can define which forum(s) are considered critique forums where this add-on will be in effect.

2) Admin can define how many responses a user will need to give (to others' critique requests) before they can start another thread in the critique forums.

3) Admin can define how many characters will be considered a valid response. (Example: A member can't just write something like, "Looks good," and have that count as a critique. They need to give an answer that is at least X characters long.)

4) Admin can define which user groups are excluded from the rules and can post as usual.

5) Admin can define the error message that's given to users if they haven't reached the amount of responses needed to start a new thread in the critique forum. HTML should be allowed in the message.

6) All threads in the critique forums should automatically lock X number of days after they are originally posted (so users can't keep bumping their threads). Admin can define number of days.

On the forum front end:

6) A member can initially start one thread in the critique forum. After that, they will need to reply to X or more threads (setting defined by admin, see #2 above) by other members in the critique forum before they can start another thread of their own in the critique forum.

7) A member responding to their own thread is not counted as a critique.

8) Multiple responses in the same thread don't count as additional critiques. Responses must be in different threads.

9) If a user tries to start a new thread in the critique forum before they've given the needed amount of critiques to others, they receive an error message before they can begin the post and the thread cannot be submitted. (see #5 above)
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