What do you regard as essential generic (non XF) add on's for a forum ?

Open question to all.
new XF Automotive forum, got a potential list of add ons that i'm cutting and cutting again into an essential and non essential list, but would like to hear from user experience what is out there ?

for context I have the official XF Add ons
and I have short listed the following for my automotive site

s9e Media Sites by Xenforo
Ads Manager 2 by Siropu
Link Directory by Xenaddon
Calendar by XF2 addon

I am open to suggestions on what's you have used from your experience, including any that might work a treat for an automotve site

thanks everyone
new XF Automotive forum
An automotive site?

Without a doubt Showcase by @Bob and Showcase filter by @AddonsLab .

You can configure it so that members can add their vehicles to the site and using custom fields you can search and sort through the vehicles added. :) Very very very powerful addon that I use on my site as a database. Extremely popular with my members.

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