Add-on Upgrade this add-on for XF 2.x?


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Can someone upgrade this add-on from XF1 to XF 2.1/2.2+?

This add-on custom username markup.

I would like the add-on to work exactly as it did on XF1 with some minor tweaks/upgrades, but overall functionality would be generally the same, allow for permitted usergroups to style their name as they see fit as seen within that add-on there, but to work on XF 2.x instead.
Somewhat, but it doesn't allow for the same customization, all that does is allow for your rich username style from your group to be displayed globally, which is part of the functionality that I want, but I want people to be able to style their usernames the way they want, eg:

rev aug 2014.GIF
Well. The Dev hasn't logged on here since June of 2016. I suppose someone could make this addon for 2.x but it would have to be from scratch. Maybe some dev reading this will pick up the ball.

This add on by @ThemeHouse is similar to what i'd like, with a few addtions of style options such as:
background color
border color
border style
font style (bold, italic, strike through, overline, underline)
font family.

If this could be done in a similar manner as the script in the OP, that'd be great!
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