Not planned Add option for forum members of each XenForo forum to vote on and make suggestions on future XenForo enhancements


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I like to call this the XenForo Hive Mind...

Add an option, that admins can turn on/off, that allows forum members at each individual XenForo forum, to view and vote on possible future XenForo software enhancements. Members should also have the ability to make suggestions for additional enhancements not previously listed. The voting and suggestions received will most likely be more member centric front-end items, but that seems to be what is most lacking as far as feedback and suggestions on

Why not use the combined thought of millions of XenForo forum members, versus what is currently happening. Most current suggestions are only viewed by a few hundred admins. The past long release cycles made this current practice semi-productive in getting some decent admin feedback, but it definitely could be better. If the XenForo update cycle is going the way recently mentioned (smaller releases at shorter intervals), then opening up the feedback and suggestions to an exponentially larger audience will allow for more progressive development and in turn make the product just that much better. A hive mind versus an oligarchy. can maintain a "possible future enhancements list" that propagates to all forums (who have opted to turn the option on to face their own members). Members with permission can then vote, post feedback and make additional suggestions. The popular additional suggestions can then make it into the maintained "possible future enhancements list" for global voting and feedback. Statistics should be viewable by admins and members at their individual forums, and at the global statistics should be available for view and comment.
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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Anyone can register here and vote on suggestions.

That is true, but it's hard enough to get members to join one site. The percentage of them coming all the way back here to post a software suggestion or vote on one already suggested I would strongly think is near zero.

The point is to get more direct feedback from those using the XenForo software. Using only the feedback from site admins, as it basically sits now, greatly reduces the potential of the whole voting / suggestion process.

I think closing this suggestion after less than 10 minutes is being short sighted.
This is not something which is ever going to be developed by XF.

A common complaint is suggestions are left hanging with no indication as to whether they will ever be implemented.

Making it clear now saves everyone's time and effort.
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