Add-on [PAID] Sorting Hat add on for a Harry Potter RPG


Sorting Hat plugin for Harry Potter RPG

I am willing to pay up to for a Sorting Hat add on. This add on9 will sort students into different houses and into the appropriate schools.

There are approximately 4 houses for each of the 7 schools in the RPG.

Each School has its own sorting ritual which will be provided.

The sorting ceremonies should be redirected to designated forums in each school.

Students will have to select which school they want to attend (a list will be provided of the schools.)

Once they select their school, they will answer two other questions. These questions will then sort them into their house. (A list of the houses and schools they belong to will also be provided).

Question one will be What is your Gender?
Question two will ask about your character’s traits. Whatever the student answers, will determine what house they will be sorted into.

For example, the question will look like this:

What best describes your character?

(Answers should have boxes that members can checkmark)

A) Daring, chivalrous, courageous and adventurous
B) Cunning, ambitious, shrewd, achievement-oriented and strong leaders
C) Intelligence, wit, creativity, wisdom, individuality and acceptance
D) Dedication, hard work, fair play, patience, kindness, and tolerance

So, what happens next? Well, once the above questions are answered, the following should happen:

If a student wants to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses, they would select A if they wanted to be sorted into the Gryffindor House and Gryffindor common room. Answering the Gender question would then give them access to their dorm room specified to their gender. I will provide links to all forums upon acceptance of this task.

What I will also provide:

Royalty free images of each of the schools sorting tools (IE the Hat for Hogwarts, etc.).
Links to each of the forums that members will have access to once sorted
A welcome letter that will be displayed once the student has been accepted and sorted.
House crests to be displayed on the members profile to show their house pride.
Sorting poem

I will also provide maintenence fees for future updates as the RPG grows.

Upon acceptance of this Add on, I will send an agreement that the developer MUST sign. I have been duped before on projects. I made the mistake and paid in full before hand and NEVER received any type of work. This agreement will be for both our benefits. I will pay half prior to production, and the rest within 2 weeks after the add on is complete. I get paid bi weekly. My next pay day is on Jan. 29, which is when I will send the first payment.

If you are interested in taking on this project, please start a conversation with me after reading everything posted above.
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