1. H

    XF 2.2 YouTube asking for CAPTCHA? (Xenforo 2.2.12 Cloud Hosted)

    Hey everyone, I tried searching for this to no avail and was curious if anyone was having issues with embedded YouTube videos asking for CAPTCHA verification from your members as of recently? I have two different members (on iPhone devices if that makes any difference) that started reporting...
  2. DeltaHF

    Implemented Include Cloudflare "Turnstile" as a CAPTCHA Option

    Today, Cloudflare announced Turnstile, a CAPTCHA alternative designed to be easier (for humans, at least) to use. It is implemented in a similar way to reCAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA, it is available for free, and any website can use...
  3. stefanstp

    Not a bug Captcha validation is not correct for creating new thread

    We activated for guests to post new threads before login or registering. But after activation Captcha validation wasn't working. Because in the code "src/XF/Pub/Controller/Forum.php" file and "actionPostThread" method line "878" should check only "$this->captchaIsValid" or not. But it also...
  4. I

    Lack of interest Option to specify CAPTCHA language

    Since our forum is non-English, would like to force a specific language for CAPTCHA. I understand that the implementation is the following: The only way to specify CAPTCHA language currently is to manually edit files captcha.js/captcha.min.js, which is not ideal.
  5. lobanz

    XF 2.2 How to use CAPTCHA in an addon's template?

    Hi! Having a grand time developing my first addon for XF 2. Can't find anything on these in the Community forums or the docs. If they ARE there, I'd appreciate a reference. Need to use a captcha in a template. Didn't see any <xf:captcha> or macro available. Any guidance on how to best do this...
  6. D.C Style

    D.C Style - Captcha questions on Posting 1.0.1

    Introduce Allow administrators to create captcha questions for members each time they post new comments or threads. Customize captcha positions: reply or new threads Customize conditions to avoid being affected by add-ons (posts, reaction points, register date) Turn on/off on specific forums...
  7. Earl

    Lack of interest multiple human verification types

    Please provide a way to force the captcha type. Please give a chance to developers to override the global captcha setting So they can do something like this: <xf:captcharow type="recaptcha" label="{{ phrase('verification') }}" hint="{{ phrase('required') }}"/> <xf:captcharow type='qna'...
  8. Earl

    XF 2.1 QnA Captcha & Invisible Recaptcha both at the same time

    Is it possible to use both Q&A captcha and Invisible recaptcha use in the registration form?
  9. Edward Black

    XF 2.0 (invisible) reCAPTCHA + Q&A Captcha at the same time

    Hey, I would like to use the (invisible) reCAPTCHA by Google and the Q&A Captcha at the same time. Is that possible in any way? Thanks!
  10. H

    Not a bug Keep getting told I didn’t complete the CAPTCHA verification properly when I try to register as a member on this forum

    I’m trying to register as a new member on this forum, but after I click register I keep getting this message. Also when I click register sometimes it says “you must be logged in to do that” I’m trying to register to Dirty Discourse
  11. hCaptcha

    Implemented Add hCaptcha support

    Hello, Some of our users for have requested XenForo support. Since XenForo offers a variety of built-in captchas already, it seems like the best answer is to directly integrate hCaptcha as well. Our API is compatible with reCAPTCHA, so it typically takes only a few minutes to...
  12. ActorMike

    XF 1.5 ReCAPTCHA (No CAPTCHA) connection error

    I've recently been getting these errors in the server logs periodically, but whenever I test the Captcha box it works. Also, I checked where someone logged an error whow as registering, but they ended up registered, so they must have gotten the box checked somehow. I have my own server in a...
  13. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Captcha login 2.1.0

    This add-on allows you to set a captcha for each connect. This add-on Protect your forums from repeat login attacks with the captcha ( Exemple : Sentry Mba , .... ) We added two options : Enable captcha for each connection Activate the captcha to connect to the admin panel Captcha admin...
  14. wmtech

    [TAC] Custom Image Captcha 2.4.4

    If you like this plugin, please >>rate it<< Included in the [TAC] Total Anti-Spam Collection. Description Custom Image Captcha makes it much harder for bots to solve your Captchas, while at the same time making it easier for users. It also allows you to add an extra customized touch to your...
  15. Y

    Unmaintained CoinHive Captcha 1.0.2

    From a website owner's perspective the Coinhive captcha works exactly like a conventional captcha, such as Google's reCaptcha. The captcha is embeded in an HTML form, runs client side in the user's browser and generates a token. The token is submitted together with the other form data. You...
  16. tenants

    ReCaptcha - NoCaptcha The Inner Workings

    So google aren't going to turn around and let people know how this works, they might not have to. I have always personal thought it has something to do with mouse movement, keypress, key touch, but most of the time, it might be simpler than that. This article explains it might have something to...
  17. J

    XF 1.5 Q&A Captcha For Social Accounts Signup ?

    I am trying to have Q&A Captcha displayed during the sign up page for users who opt to sign up using their Twitter | FB accounts. Basically, I am using Captcha not only to stop SPAM, but also to validate certain level of knowledge required by any user before being able to sign up. Hence, I am...
  18. CabCon

    Other CAPTCHA on Login

    Dear xF-Community, I search a template modification or a addon which allows the admin to set a Captcha on any login. I know that there is a option which displays a captcha after 4 login attempts. Maybe you can use this 'functionality' for the addon or template modifications. I really need...
  19. otto

    Slider Captcha - deutsche Übersetzung 2.6.2

    Deutsche Übersetzung für das Slider Captcha Add-on German translation for Slider Captcha addon Übersetzung gesucht? Search a translation?
  20. otto

    German translation for "Slider Captcha" from Tan Tran 2.6.2

    Deutsche Übersetzung für das Slider Captcha Add-on German translation for Slider Captcha addon.
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