XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration

XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration

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The expected final beta release of XFtoWP 1.2 is now available and introduces a few massive new features including multi user syncing, frontend user verification, and a slew of stability improvements from the last version.

To update, simply download the new beta and re-upload the XFtoWP plugin on your site, overwriting the former version.

To see how XFtoWP 1.2 works, watch the video walkthrough tour here.

NOTE: Any users synced in a prior beta release will not carry over to the new format in Beta 3. As this is still beta software, it is not recommended you run this on live sites.
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  • Hard filters out common excerpt strings ..., [...] from automatically showing in WordPress excerpts. To ensure you have consistent excerpts, edit the “default thread” settings in XFtoWP > Thread comments > Create thread
  • Removes {content} label from create thread controls
This patch is available in XFtoWP 1.2 Beta 2 Patch 1 (gasps for air) and XFtoWP 1.1.3.
XFtoWP 1.2 introduces new user syncing features and many more improvements. For a full features tour and beta testing steps please read the announcement post:

  1. Hides "create thread" button until post is published to prevent early thread creation
  2. Fixes server log message if new thread message content is invalid
  3. Adds clearfix to thread call to action to prevent rare layout shifts
  1. Ensures all existing thread IDs show in post meta fields after upgrade to version 1.1
Read the blog post + watch video
  1. NEW: New “schedule” button allows you to create threads when post is published manually or scheduled for later.
  2. NEW: Set canonical URL on forum (see setup guide)
  3. Call to action now consistently shows at end of comments thread
  4. Smarter comment load and refresh process
  5. Improved user settings and post meta save protocol
  6. Ensures all special characters and HTML entities are rendered in thread content
  7. Fixes “remove quote” setting, now applies when selected
  8. Adds max height to blockquote style for long quote replies
  9. Adds protection from possible outside AJAX interference
  10. Adds correct font icon name to Forum Listing widget
  11. URL trailing slash and API short URL consistency
  12. Cleans up a potential browser log error notice and server notices
  13. New template functions: get_xf_url(), get_xf_site_title()
  14. Hides XFWP post meta key in post editor
  • Ensures forum reply totals are also added to comment counts in custom loops
  • Adds the {featured_image} variable to the message box in the Create thread function. Use with bbCode to embed the WordPress Featured Image to your new thread like so: [IMG]{featured_image}[/IMG]
  • Moves user roles option to Comments settings tab in case thread:write permission is disabled.