XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress Integration

XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress Integration 1.4 Patch 1

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  • Oops! Fixes faulty logic with new API permissions checker helper function
  • Parses HTML if used in custom user field in Thread view comments template
  • Important: Fixes issue that ignored Product purchase and Expired actions. Now resolved for future integrations
  • New: Update email on XF from MemberPress Account details page
  • New: Adds error validation when updating Account details page
  • Fixes warning messages if no forum is connected to WordPress
This update adds error validation to the XFWP_Integration class, and implements it to the MemberPress integration to prevent duplicate signups to XenForo on checkout.
Fixes possible warning messages on password and email resets
The expected final beta release of XFtoWP 1.2 is now available and introduces a few massive new features including multi user syncing, frontend user verification, and a slew of stability improvements from the last version.

To update, simply download the new beta and re-upload the XFtoWP plugin on your site, overwriting the former version.

To see how XFtoWP 1.2 works, watch the video walkthrough tour here.

NOTE: Any users synced in a prior beta release will not carry over to the new format in Beta 3. As this is still beta software, it is not recommended you run this on live sites.
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  • Hard filters out common excerpt strings ..., [...] from automatically showing in WordPress excerpts. To ensure you have consistent excerpts, edit the “default thread” settings in XFtoWP > Thread comments > Create thread
  • Removes {content} label from create thread controls
This patch is available in XFtoWP 1.2 Beta 2 Patch 1 (gasps for air) and XFtoWP 1.1.3.
XFtoWP 1.2 introduces new user syncing features and many more improvements. For a full features tour and beta testing steps please read the announcement post:

  1. Hides "create thread" button until post is published to prevent early thread creation
  2. Fixes server log message if new thread message content is invalid
  3. Adds clearfix to thread call to action to prevent rare layout shifts
  1. Ensures all existing thread IDs show in post meta fields after upgrade to version 1.1