XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration

XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration

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  1. Now loads plugin integrations to more reliable plugins_loaded action hook
  2. Fixes potential warning message if no WP user ID found on WooCommerce purchase
Note: XFtoWP 1.4 is coming soon! Check the XFtoWP forums (logged-in customers only) for a sneak peak of the new features.
XFtoWP 1.3 is now marked stable and officially ready for all licensed customers to update! Read the first changelog entry here for a rundown of the new features and changes.

This stable release adds two minor changes found since the Release Candidate phase, so if you are using this version you should update to fully stable by downloading and updating the plugin files to your site.

The plugin auto updater is available if you are upgrading from 1.2 or lower.

  • Fix: Ensures user first sync date is always saved to postmeta
  • Style: Minor admin settings page markup changes
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Visit XFtoWP.com to see new screenshots and download XFtoWP 1.3 Release Candidate 1 from your customers area.
  • New: Sync Custom User Fields from WordPress users back to XenForo profiles
  • New: Enable or disable plugin integrations from the XFtoWP dashboard
  • New: Auto-refreshes forum data with set refresh time (defaults to 30 minutes)
  • New: Show forum stats and members online with the XF Content widget
  • New: Re-order widget positions with simple text sorting
  • Admin settings & design updates
    • Adds "last synced" date to top of settings panel
    • Blurs sensitive connection info until editing text input
    • Shows easier to read sync dates for users in Edit User profile settings
    • Adds link back to XF profile from Edit user settings
  • Bug fix: Ensures "XF actions" meta box only appears on supported post types
  • Bug fix: Now fully handles syncing complex passwords with better decoding (thanks @keenants)
  • Adds 6 new translation strings to WP admin > XFtoWP > Edit Strings
  • Code + file reorganization for easier plugin readability
    • Added new /integrations/ folder to root
    • Moved filters.php, strings.php to root
    • Renamed /assets/ folder to /lib/
    • Send your own logic to custom user fields with the xfwp_custom_fields and xfwp_custom_user_fields_data hooks
    • Deprecated xfwp_user_sync_post_type filter, use xfwp_integrations_data instead
Note: If you've installed the XFWP-MemberPress or XFWP-WooCommerce plugins, delete them after you update to XFtoWP 1.3. They are no longer needed and will be maintained within the XFtoWP plugin!

Disclaimer: Release Candidate status indicates the plugin is reliable to upgrade from version 1.2.x and features are expected to work as intended. It is still possible, though unlikely, changes and bug fixes may be made before this release is marked stable. When in doubt, always make a backup before upgrading important plugins.
  • Resolves possible warning message on WooCommerce user registration
  • Fixes incorrect variable name in xf_request() helper function when making custom $_GET requests
Updating to XFtoWP 1.2+? Make sure you go to WP admin > XF > Refresh forum data afterwards.


New: Adds powerful user syncing capabilities to the plugin

New: Sync multiple XF users to a WP account and keep email address and password changes up to date.
---> We've developed a companion XF addon that helps ensure user's update these details from WP

New: Auto-login and redirect to XenForo when user logs in from WordPress

New: You can now setup User Actions to register users, change usergroups, send conversations + alerts, and other account changes

New: Tie together product purchases and expiration dates with User Actions to automate group promotions and demotions

New: Use the WooCommerce, MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and a growing list of integration plugins to link usergroups to products and other actions

New: Adds the new Connected Data screen for a helpful overview of all connected data across websites

New: Many under-the-hood improvements to make plugin even more stable and perform better

New dev tools:
  • Use the XFWP_Integration class as the base of creating your own plugin integrations.
  • Revised XFWP Requests API for easier data handling
  • Access XF data saved to WP user accounts with xf_user_meta()
  • Check API permissions with xf_has_permissions( 'user:write,user:read' )


See more:

Watch a video tour of XFtoWP User syncing features
XFtoWP 1.2 Feature Tour (Part 1)
XFtoWP 1.2 Feature Tour (Part 2)


Download XFtoWP 1.2 and eCommerce integration plugins
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  • New: WooCommerce Beta 2 integration - now detects user registrations from "My account" page (WP admin > WooCommerce > Accounts & Privacy) and creates user on XenForo. Also adds validation to ensure the username and email entered does not already exist in XenForo.
  • Fixes warning message on post editor if no XF usergroups added from WP admin > XF > Site Setup
  • Oops! Fixes faulty logic with new API permissions checker helper function
  • Parses HTML if used in custom user field in Thread view comments template
  • Important: Fixes issue that ignored Product purchase and Expired actions. Now resolved for future integrations
  • New: Update email on XF from MemberPress Account details page
  • New: Adds error validation when updating Account details page
  • Fixes warning messages if no forum is connected to WordPress
This update adds error validation to the XFWP_Integration class, and implements it to the MemberPress integration to prevent duplicate signups to XenForo on checkout.
Fixes possible warning messages on password and email resets