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As requested here this add-on collapses quotes over a specified limit, and adds a "read more" link to expand the quote.

This add on makes use of a jQuery plugin called jQuery Expander Plugin by Karl Swedberg.

Special thanks to KidCactus for help with customising the javascript in version 1.2.

This add on also requires the quite brilliant Template Modification System.

If you do not have the Template Modification System, you can follow these instructions. (Not recommended)

Here's a collapsed quote in the default style:


Here's a collapsed quote in the new "bottom centre" style:


And an expanded quote:


There are numerous customisations available through the Admin CP > Options > Quote Collapse Options.

You can change the "slice point" to control how much of a quote is shown before it is collapsed, the Expand/Collapse text and the animation speed at which the quote expands or collapses.

You can control the look of the Expand/Collapse text in the QuoteCollapse.css template.


1) First ensure you have the Template Modification System installed.
2) Download the add on and upload the contents of the "upload" folder to your root path.
3) Configure your options (optional).

You can see a demo of this in action, here:
Chris D
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Latest reviews

Removes the need for spoiler, only thing is wish it was possible to sometimes override it.
Works perfectly for me with 0 expand speed. It's slightly jumpy when using the collapse and expand effects for me, it flashes/jumps a bit in the transition, but it's minor and me being picky.
great addon, the idea is amazing and is easy to install but there is a small bug. The bug appears if the last post in the page has a long quote. it shoes the entire post in the bottom of the footer
Since Xenforo doesn't have select-text-to-quote, this add-on helps a lot with keeping full post quotes under control.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you for your help with the Javascript :) I have credited you on the main release page and in the most recent update.
Works great. Just what is needed for forums that members usually quote full post.
this is what i was looking for!
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