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Unmaintained [] Quote Collapse 1.2

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Removes the need for spoiler, only thing is wish it was possible to sometimes override it.
Works perfectly for me with 0 expand speed. It's slightly jumpy when using the collapse and expand effects for me, it flashes/jumps a bit in the transition, but it's minor and me being picky.
great addon, the idea is amazing and is easy to install but there is a small bug. The bug appears if the last post in the page has a long quote. it shoes the entire post in the bottom of the footer
Since Xenforo doesn't have select-text-to-quote, this add-on helps a lot with keeping full post quotes under control.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you for your help with the Javascript :) I have credited you on the main release page and in the most recent update.
Works great. Just what is needed for forums that members usually quote full post.
this is what i was looking for!