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Unmaintained [] Quote Collapse 1.2

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Removes the need for spoiler, only thing is wish it was possible to sometimes override it.
this is what i was looking for!
Works great. Just what is needed for forums that members usually quote full post.
Since Xenforo doesn't have select-text-to-quote, this add-on helps a lot with keeping full post quotes under control.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you for your help with the Javascript :) I have credited you on the main release page and in the most recent update.
great addon, the idea is amazing and is easy to install but there is a small bug. The bug appears if the last post in the page has a long quote. it shoes the entire post in the bottom of the footer
Works perfectly for me with 0 expand speed. It's slightly jumpy when using the collapse and expand effects for me, it flashes/jumps a bit in the transition, but it's minor and me being picky.