[TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons

[TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons 1.0.5

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Updates duration
12 months; $15 yearly renewal (or indefinitely with active subscription)
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment

Add dimension, quality, and allure to the display of your forum list, and stand out from your competition. [TH] Nodes can help you create a visually engaging forum and improve user experience with visual indicators by allowing you to style nodes, icons, and more.

Administrator Features
  • Modify the grid, sizing, background colors, icons, and more for each node with added tools for inheritance and edge case scenarios
  • Support for multiple column layouts of nodes that can be set globally for all categories, on individual categories, or within a category
  • Display nodes optimally on the device viewing them with fully responsive layouts
  • Customize individual node background and colors
  • Set a custom read/unread icon for each forum
  • Retain text styling (font color, etc) when a background image is assigned to a node
User Features
  • Navigate to a forum or sub-forum faster by clicking the more link below the node
  • Post a new thread easily by clicking the plus symbol which is also below each node
  • View the forum with the optimal layout based on device type
  • Identify which forums have new content with the read/unread icon
Want to see it live? Check out the demo here.

Free Branding Removal
This add-on does include branding but it can easily be removed for free! More information on how to remove the branding can be found here.

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First release
Last update
4.18 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.5 released

    Enhancements: Now supports XenForo 2.1. Added ability to add unlimited custom colors for nodes...
  2. Version 1.0.4 Patch Level 1 released

    Enhancements: Node background and text colors now included as CSS variables. Added background...
  3. Version 1.0.4 released

    Enhancements: Node styling may now be quickly toggled on/off from the node styling page. Node...

Latest reviews

Nodes look amazing, this add-on changes the look of your site and navigation feels a lot better too. Thanks to images, users can use the images to orient themselves instead of reading every single node title. It gives the forum a very professional look.
Only draback I've found so far is the fact that the images take just a little too much time to load. I've checked other sites using this add-on and the same thing happens there (not only an issue on my site). Even with the images uploaded to the server and even if you don't clean up your caché, it still takes more time to load than the rest of attachments of images in general on your forum. Nothing major, but that's the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars.
Awesome add-on! My forum looks very different since I've installed it, and with Ui.X theme, looks very beautiful!

The support by Developers is very fast and friendly!
100% recommended :)
Nice to hear that Nodes worked well for you along with making your forum look even better with the UI.X 2 theme! Thanks so much for your support! :)
Wow!!! What a beautiful add-on!!! Adds so much class to my site!!!! Thank you!!! Simply stunning!!!!
Good to hear that you are enjoying the add-on as it surely does make sites look even better! Continue enjoying the add-on and let us know if we can help with anything! Much appreciate the feedback CFMack!
I've had the add-on since the beginning and no problem on my side. ThemeHouse is always present in case of suggestions or problems. Frequent updates and a good team. I recommend it !
Much appreciate the kind review GERINO as the team here at ThemeHouse enjoyed developing this add-on! Many more updates expected to come soon! Thanks so much! :)
Default settings seems to work fairly well, once you start changing addon settings - not so much. Support is anything but. In the end I've ditched this addon and the UI.X2 theme all together.
I don't know what the hell is wrong with the people submitting bad reviews.
But man, this is as simply as it can get.
Just install it, touch some stuff here and there, and you have fancy nodes with backgrounds images and more.
Thank you so much Rayduxz for your kind review! We are glad to hear that you are enjoying this add-on as it offers many features that allow you to make your forum stand out from all the rest. Enjoy!
i can not see any bıg fix, after a month there is almost no improvement. I completely uninstalled it and will not consider this plugin.
I agree with AudiTT as well. I've been spending a lot of time figuring out what to do and how to use the add-on and there aren't very detailed documentation showing how to make changes. For example I only discovered after testing that when I wanted to add a background that it could only be a URL link. I tried adding the XF link and it didn't work.

Also too, when I added the background image, all the description text disappears and the overlay doesn't work too.

So there's a number of bugs and I've sent requests to support without any reply for over 7 days. Very disappointed and I've been paying for a monthly subscription too!
Nodes is an excellent add-on that helps the community instantly visualize the contents of your forum at a glance. Great to help new users acclimatize themselves. Easy to use and easily customizable.
Thank you so much DaiAku for the kind review. Nodes is one of those add-ons that we enjoyed creating and were excited to see how it would improve a forums front-end look. Thankfully, it has succeeded with impressing users like yourself! Thanks so much for the support and stay turned for more updates on this valuable add-on.
not ready for production. there are several problems that need to be fixed, for example go ahead and check with a mobile device, on my iphone i can see scrollbar at the bottom and it is not a nice thing. another thing is the nodes area is empty for less than a sec when first page loaded. then js kicking in and nodes are being displayed. it is making my site look a bit slow. will watch this, hope you guys improve. Yes, 2 stars only. i will update if you guys fix the problems.
Apologies for the troubles you experienced with this add-on, please know that we are actively improving it and hope to deal with these issues soon.