Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment

UI.X 2 Dark

Get UI.X 2 Dark for free by using the coupon code DARKFANFAV during checkout.

Based off the tried-and-true methodologies of its XenForo 1 predecessor, UI.X continues to push the boundaries of intelligent design. With a basis in Google’s Material Design, the framework is backed by a team well-versed in the XenForo software making UI.X a wise choice for any forum. ThemeHouse has been building products for XenForo since day one of the software’s release and we aren’t going anywhere.

UI.X Features








[TH] Nodes Included, More Coming Soon!
When purchasing UI.X 2, you get a free [TH] Nodes license. It is automatically created after you checkout. You can learn more about [TH] Nodes here.

Free Branding Removal
We are now offering free branding removal for all XF2 themes and add-ons we offer at ThemeHouse. You can find out more by visiting the blog post here.

More UI.X Features:
  • Standard, floating, or sticky navigation and userbar
  • Right to left support
  • Dozens of different search bar and navigation position variations
  • Collapsible nodes, sidebar, postbit, and signatures
  • Many types of category description types (tooltip, inline, or none at all)
  • Social Media icons can easily be moved down to the footer or to the logo block
  • Different login styles such as modal window, dropdown, and slideout
  • Option to enable avatars based on Material Design's color system
  • Option to remove the forum list page actions (New Posts and Post New Thread buttons)

We offer this theme for XenForo 1. Click here to view it!

Other add-ons we offer:

We continue to release other add-ons as well, so be sure to be on the lookout for them!

Happy with UI.X 2 Dark?

If you've been enjoying our product, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review! It is customers like you that make what we do at ThemeHouse so rewarding.

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Last update
4.86 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest reviews

If you are on the search for a truly professional theme and a world-class support, look no further! I have used ThemeHouse for years, and they have never let me down. Best investment for my forum.
Thank you so much for the kind review, Garamond! Also, our team is very thankful for your continued support of our products throughout the years.
As someone that has been using XF since it was in beta and gone through just about every style out there, I can confidently say this is the best dark theme available for the XF platform. No other style will give you the extensibility and options this one does and it's easy to make it uniquely yours in just a few hours. The support they give is nothing short of stellar; they've never hesitated to answer any of my questions even years down the road. You honestly can't go wrong with this style, so just buy it :)
Thank you so much Electrogypsy again for the kind review! We are so glad to hear that you are still enjoying UI.X 2 Dark since it was released. Please do continue enjoying UI.X 2 Dark and let us know if we can help you with anything at all! :) Thanks so much for your continued support!
As usual everything by ThemeHouse is amazing. @Mike Cruzer and @Jake B. are A+. UI.X 2 Dark is the fantastic companion to a fantastic style, a pair that we plan to use as we prepare for 2.1 because this is some of the best work that can be purchased on currently. As always, you've all outdone your selves.
Thank you! We are glad you like the theme. Good luck with your upgrade. If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know!
Excellent theme, very customizable and looks great out of the box! The only theme I needed to purchase!
Appreciate your review very much! Best of luck to you on your project and thanks for using our theme!
This is basically the best style available in the xenforo ecosystem. I've been using it since XF1, and the XF2 version has all the same great options and customization that made the first version so easy to use. This made it easy to carry over my design when upgrading from XF1 to XF2. The design is easy to make your own, so don't be afraid that your site will look like others, with a little creative design on your part, this theme is really capable of being unique on just about any website.
Thank you so much Electrogypsy for the kind review! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying UI.X 2 Dark as much as you enjoyed UI.X Dark for XenForo 1.x. Please continue enjoying UI.X 2 Dark and let us know if we can help you with anything at all! :) Thanks so much for your continued support!
I think the style is really good, it runs flawlessly and bugs are also quickly fixed, big praise to the team.
The only thing that really worries me is that fonts are loaded from outside, if you hadn't used these "Material Design Icons" but would have stayed with "Font Awesome" you would have been less annoyed/problems as an administrator.
Also from a security point of view it is always stupid if something is reloaded from outside.
Thank you for the kinda review Tealk! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the theme and very thankful for your support! Let us know if you every have any questions or issues as we'd be glad to help! Enjoy! :)
Great style. The money we spent on it definitely worth! Is very easy to use and change the style. It is just amazing!
Thank you so much for the kind review Flagy_! We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the theme and very thankful for your support! Let us know if you ever experience any issues or have any questions! Enjoy! :)
I've been using the UI.X 2 (Dark) style for a few months, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Our style is based on this style as a parent, and its been VERY flexible. ThemeHouse has been open to suggestions, and is active on their github (bug tracker) where I post bug reports whenever I find them. I'm looking forward to further enhancements going forward, and I always know I can get help from them should the need arise. Great job on the XF2 update guys! Now back to work! ;)
Thank you so much, Alian for your kind review! Also, we are very thankful to work on sites such as yours as our team enjoyed working with you as well! Please continue reporting those bugs as it helps us out with making UI.X 2 Dark and other themes even better! Enjoy UI.X 2 Dark! :)
All I needed a sick dark theme and I got way more than that! Tons of options, relatively easy to understand and good documentation as well. Couldn't be happier
Thank you so much Anomandaris for the kind review! We are glad to hear that you've found the theme that fits to your liking. Please let us know if you have any feature suggestions or issues! Enjoy!
UI.X Dark 2 is simply amazing. I was able convert my custom style, which is built upon UI.X Dark 1.x, to UI.X Dark 2 in a just a couple hours. I still have a bit of tidying up to do, but achieving the overall vision could not have been easier or faster. The CSS I required in the extra template is so much smaller than before.

Well done ThemeHouse.
Thank you so much, Matt C. for your kind review! We are glad to hear that converting your XF 1.x based theme over to XF 2.x was able to be done with ease. Please let us know if you have any feature suggestions or any issues, please! Enjoy!