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UI.X 2 Dark

UI.X 2 Dark

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UI.X 2 Change Log
  • Fixed search resize behavior and Internet Explorer 11 issues
  • Fixed the issue where navigation menu's split triggers are taller than the nav-link
  • Fixed modal position in sidebar when it is sticky
  • Fixed node unread image icon
  • Improvements to search icon
  • Fixed login modal margin issue based on registration options
  • Fixed margin bottom issue of .block when not inside of .blocks
  • Fixed the welcome section register button
  • Added href to admin drop down triggers
  • Fixed the alignment bug with sticky sidebar on fixed/wrapped page styles
  • Made prefixes for property groups and style properties
  • Fixed icon on Google's log-on button
  • Added minimum view port width to show logo block 100% support
  • Fixed editor primary button hover from being readable
  • Fixed editor active buttons from being invisible
  • Fixed the member card pop up more trigger from being misaligned
  • Fixed page action button styling when $headerhtml is used
  • Fixed node styling
  • Fixed welcome section button href
  • Fixed issue with search drop down sometimes overlapping input
  • Reduced FOUC with section links hiding and a few other things on load
  • Fix for section links sometimes appearing when empty if logo block was disabled
Note: This update does require a UI.X add-on update to function properly. You can download the latest version here.
UI.X 2 Change Log
  • Fixed the ability to advance search from the desktop search input
  • Minimal search improvements
  • Removed the sticky nav logo if the logo is above the breakpoint block
  • Fixed the sidebar on mobile devices when using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed post overflow when using Internet Explorer on mobile device
  • Fixed the highlight/selected background text on Firefox
  • Fixed sticky header rows for Internet Explorer
  • Fixed node icons for Internet Explorer
  • Fixed the issue that caused avatar shape rounding to not work when an avatar is set
  • Fixed IE 11's javascript issue
  • Added the option 100% to be accepted in "Viewport width to center logo block"
  • Updated the width of search when using it on mobile devices
  • Fixed ripple button issues when scrolling
  • Improvements made to selected/highlighted text
  • Relocated force cover based settings to the Footer style settings
  • Relocated "Viewport width to center the logo block" to Header and Navigation style settings
  • Style improvements to delected post micros
  • Removed section links borderwhen their sticky based
  • Fixed the issue when clicking on the x on search it wouldn't unfocus
  • Fixed selected/highlighted text styling in the editor from being overwritten
  • Fixed the issue with the "X" on android keyboard users who use Google Chrome
  • Fixed styling on [TH] Holidays add-on
Note: This update does require a UI.X add-on update to function properly. You can download the latest version here.
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