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[TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons

[TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons 1.0.2 Patch Level 1

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed text behind overlay
  • Fixed issue that caused node styling to be applied even when it was disabled
Note: In this update we have disabled both node grid and styling by default, please make sure you enable these in your style under Stile Properties -> [TH] Nodes: Grid and [TH] Nodes: Styling
  • Option to retain text styling (font color, etc) when a background image is assigned to a node
Bugs Fixed:
  • th_node--hasBackgroundImage class missing under certain circumstances
  • Add tooltip to create thread icon in node grid footer
Bugs fixed:
  • Text color for subnode drop downs with background image fixed
  • Inconsistincies with node last post avatar and node grid fixed
  • Background overlay issue fixed
  • Fixed an issue where node layout separators would render the word "separator" if node grid was disabled
  • Fixed node styling on category view
Bugs fixed:
  • JavaScript incompatibilities with IE 11
  • Styling fixes
Bugs fixed:
  • Overflow issue with FireFox
  • Default value not set correctly for default node grid
  • Refactored the way node styling is cached, now creates a template th_nodeStyling_nodes.css that contains all of the necessary styling. This template should not be edited manually as it will cause issues down the road when you change values through the UI