[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot

[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot 3.0.31

No permission to buy ($21.00)
  • fix a bug related to emails not always displaying correctly in the logs
  • Added a fix related to XenUtils (if XenUtils was installed, it expect a timer field within the template, this was causing the XenUtils error: Your registration was rejected due to a security error; press back, refresh the page and try again
  • Keep in mind, AnyApi (free) should be used for the AntiSpam Apis settings
Now Integrates with the Free Add-on AnyApi, the following APIs are set up by default:
  • Project Honey Pot Http:BL
  • Stop Forum Spam
  • FSpamlist
  • Bot Scout
  • Spam Busted
  • Any Api that you want to add (up to 10 apis)
Added a filter to the logs so its now possible to filter for:
  • javascript_enabled
  • javascript_disabled
  • altered_hidden_field
  • no_altered_hidden_fields
  • registration_time_less_than_30s
  • registration_time_more_than_30s
  • no_filter
  • It's now possible to search through the logs for usernames / emails (if you need to check the bot detection values for particular user)... this is also useful to know what browser / plugins a particular user has if they have issues with another plugin
FoolBotHoneyPot - v2.1.0.5 Update

Can now selectively clear out bots from the bot log (makes it easier to examine real users that registered)
After page load, reset password fields to avoid browser plugins that force attempt to auto complete hidden password fields (even when autocomplete="off") [Some browser plugin password managers will attempt this]
  • Minor fix to the stopBotters key updater (using the correct helper).
  • (Typo in the version title)
  • Can now turn off hidden fields that can be tabbed into (option in the ACP)
  • Can now turn on/off StopBotters username check, and also turn on/off email / IP address checks (options in the ACP)
  • Now makes use of StopBotters, this API will become increasing efficient at stopping bots with the more forums that use it.