[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot

[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot 3.0.32

No permission to buy ($29.00)
Product was taken over from Yugensoft.

NO new features or bug fixes.

No need to update your installation!
Fix: count bug
Add: option to ignore hidden fields
added autofill warning message option
Update: updated to new browser autocomplete policies
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[TAC has been acquired by Yugensoft]

Proofread and edited phrase lists.
Changed to uniform naming and version string format.
First pass code review and formatting cleanup.
Added bulk installer tool to the complete package.
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The weekly cron was reporting an error, since it was trying to clean up a table that no longer exists, fixed (seen on new installs only)
I've extended the avoid all password managers option to also reset the hidden email fields, it seems some mangers also store these.... shouldn't be a problem any more

... bots without js... cant get these resets
humans with js will get these hidden fields reset
bots with js are detected with other mechanism (they were avoiding hidden fields anyway)
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This option will clear all Hidden Password and Username fields using javasript before form submission. This means all bots that are JS enabled will never get detected by the classical FBHP honey pots (but may get detected by other FBHP mechanisms, THERE ARE MANY). Ticking this option will ensure password managers are never caught by FBHP classical honeypots

-- This options is switched off by default in the options area of FBHP
-- This was in the original FBHP, it was removed since the core coppied the old classical honeypot methods but misses this out (did it poorly and missed many other fbhp things out too). Hence, the core will always catch password managers (FBHP avoided them in the past)

If you still find the core catches password managers
1) report this to xenforo (it is a xenforo bug that has been in xenforo for some time)
2) let me know, I should be able to fix their issue in fbhp too
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fixed an issue with bot logs

.... due to a lot of internal changes, and tested with many browsers as a human, not as a bot
... the bots picked this bug up

- fixed

also reduce the amount of information in the logs when entries are false (you don't need to know it's not a browserbasedbot, not a nonbrowserbasedbot, not a semiautomater, you just want to know when it has been detected as one of these)
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