[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot

[TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot 3.0.32

No permission to buy ($29.00)
Big important fix, most noticeable in IE Edge

... there were race conditions due to the number of form ajax requested for browser events
I've stripped all of these ajax requests out now and simply send the browser event data in a hidden form field
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I've added an extra mechanism to check the hosts

I've added a default list of bad hosts, these a mostly vpns/tors
- It's doubtful that you'll ever want some one that is using a tor/vpn host to register, these are used by botters

I have not added to this default list other bad hosts that sometimes humans use, since these are often Russia/China real ISPs. Some forums will not want to ban these ISPs since their forum is related to those countries

I will list a few of these host that you can optionaly add to the bad hosts list yourself if you wish

I've also added a little bit extra to the fingerprint
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* Turned off non browser bot detection for js enabled users. Non browser bots are never js enabled and this solves an issue seen with McAfee IP Masking.
* Found out why registration errors weren't always logged .. fixed
* Added an option to add password managers (but the core might still have issues with these)
* Started added new mechanisms to target particular bots (not just general mechanism)
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Fixed a bug for IE
I've added some detection for particular types of headless browsers

The finger print logging has been improved
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Just to make this easier for the majority, I've added

.xenForm fieldset,
.xenForm .formGroup
   background-color: @contentBackground;

People who dont use contentBackground for the background colour of the forum can then just comment this out in the template Foolbothoneypot.css
(I think most people, if not all people will use the colour contentBackground for their form background )
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fixed issue with ipv6 and stopbotters
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-made sure semiautomation detection turns off properly if unchecked
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  • Since some of fbhp methods relly on styles, I've pushed the styles in line to avoid the rare case of styles not loading
  • Before adding bots to the cache, we now do additional checks (is browser / no browser based bot / semi automated & has failed honeypots / timer) before considering adding bots to the cache, thus being thorough about avoiding false positives
  • I've increased the strictness of semi-automation detection, this now catches far more (if not all) semi automated software
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The last fix had an issue with registration forms with margins (no something I was testing against)
- fixed

Also, the logs could get pretty insane, so I've limited all browser event logs to no more than 50 events
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I've added semi automation detection, this might not be perfected yet, but we're getting there
fixed an issue with logging
also fixed a bug that I noticed on mobiles, if you scroll off of the page, you could see some of the hidden fields hidden by z index, this is now fixed
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