Report Improvements by Xon

Report Improvements by Xon 2.12.7

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  • Fix issue causing last comment in report list not be displayed with the correct username
  • Fix auto-resolve old reports job
  • Fix "Warning log: Please enter a valid title" error.
  • Improve error reporting for legacy warning to report migration process
Recommend updating Warning Improvements and Warning Acknowledgement to the latest versions before updating this add-on.
  • Fix unexpected "Report: Please enter a valid message" when issuing a warning on some content
  • Add "Show reports in profile 'Postings' list" option (disabling may not work with ElasticSearch 5 or older)
  • Workaround for pre-XF1 post & user reports having broken "go to content" links
  • Snapshot & link legacy warnings into the report system which are not being tracked
  • Fix cron unexpectedly generating report comments for expired warnings
  • Only alert once if the user has an unread alert
  • "None" report comment alerting option
  • Fix Join Conversation function
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  • Display more conversation info in a conversation report
  • Implement "Join reported conversation" permission
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