External Accounts Extended

Unmaintained External Accounts Extended 2018-03-02

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- Fixed 'getAvatar' function not grabbing the index properly (thanks @veron)!
- Fixed the removal of hovering on providers (thanks @veron)!
- Fixed 'External Accounts Extended' group option description type.
- Fixed 'helper_login' being disabled.
- Fixed 'navigation_visitor_tab' 'Template Modification' not showing up if only custom providers are used.
- Fixed 'facebook.css' not being global to 'external_accounts_login_item_facebook'.
- Updated 'Template Modification' modification keys to be consistant.
- Pushed 'login_bar_form' 'Template Modification' to it's own template for more modular extension.
- Pushed 'navigation_visitor_tab' 'Template Modification' to it's own template for more modular extension.
- 'navigation_visitor_tab' 'Template Modification' created to support UI.X.
- Removed 'Hide Default', now you choose what you want to show up using the 'Providers Included' option.
- Added default to provider choices, as well as verifying your selections.
- Wrapped Minimal Overlay with 'eAuthUnit' for a consistant page layout.
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- Fixed battle.net not showing up in accounts page.
Accidentally posted that the update was to 2.0.4, this is incorrect as the latest version posted is 2.0.3.

Thanks to @Tracy Perry for pointing this out!
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- Fixed scrolling issue (thanks @veron)
- Removed text decoration on hover to match default providers (thanks @veron)
- Attempted to fix 'Fatal Error: Can't use method return value in write context' error
- Fixed eauth inclusions not being included in template modifications.
- Fixed Battle.net Registration.
- Added Battle.net to the account page.
- Fixed Twitch association phrase typo.
- Removed debug lines in Register.php

Sorry about that!
- Completely recoded! Much easier to add new providers as well as faster performance.
- Registration populates 'username' and 'email' fields when such data is provided by the provider.
- New icons to make for a less bloated look.
- Choose which providers to appear inside and outside the minimal appearance, for better customization.
- Yahoo removed due to broken oauth service.
- Battle.net added!
- Added Twitch.tv support
- Yahoo support is mostly done, but their API service went down and still hasn't come up so I cannot finish it. Thanks Yahoo :D
- Fixed text-color issue on login page (thanks @veron)!
- Added a condensed option to push all services to a single overlay (thanks @veron for requesting this)!
Display in Login Bar:


- Fixed 'External Accounts' page taking a bit to load, all necessary data is now grabbed and stored into the database upon registration (no database scheme edits are made by this plugin) and there are zero queries made on the page now!
- Expect the Minimal look to be revamped in a future update.
- Removed large amounts of templates, all CSS files are now merged.
- During the summer, this addon will be completely rewritten to be completely dynamic as well as more specific functions for each service.
- Fixed Odnoklassniki glitch (thanks @veron for reporting it!)
- Added Github
- Added LinkedIn
- Fixed minor glitches with various names of attributes
Will add more soon, Pinterest might not come immediately since there is no apparent oauth system in place.
- Added Odnoklassniki support.
- Minor fixes in VK.
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