External Accounts Extended

Unmaintained External Accounts Extended 2018-03-02

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Awesome add-on!
A must have!
and awesome developer who helped me with the installation and basically made sure the add-on was properly set-up and working!
great support and quick responses!
Not able to use yet since I'm on 1.2.4 but thank you very much for making this! Looking forward to using it when it's time to upgrade!
Bought this just for Tumblr. Works well! Was able to register under a tumblr account
Very good. Work with Russian VK!
Add-on was easy to install and configure. Add-on author Silence provided exceptional technical support guiding me through an error I was receiving. Would definitely recommend. LinkedIn integration is vital for our forum and I'm thrilled this is available and functioning. Thanks Silence!
Responsive developer, quickly helps to solve all the problems, amazing!

I highly recommend this addon.
Love the add-on, just need to figure out how to turn down the amount of information it is asking for on Google
The plugin have a bugs. Author not support it
Bugs?! OH GOD WHERE?!?!
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