[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

[DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.0.4

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New Features:

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Statistics
  • Items Sold
  • Lottery Tickets Sold (does not show correct purchase date for historical entries)

Changed Features:
  • Due to a problem with the per-item, per-shop and per-category permissions, custom permissions have been reset. Please re-configure them.
  • The Shop can now be viewed by guests.
New Features:

BBCode Support
  • BBCode is now supported in Shop descriptions
  • BBCode is now supported in Item descriptions
  • BBCode is now supported in Lottery descriptions

Changed Features:
  • Error messages that do not come from Overlays will now no longer change the AdminCP tab
  • AdminCP lists now use a smaller font size for a more compact look
  • Actions like "Repair Cache" that previously would redirect without any indication something had happened will now display a message on top of the page it lands on
  • Using spaces in the "Points Column" field when adding a new Currency will now no longer be accepted. Only a-z, 0-9 and _ are allowed.
  • Inventory items now use the new list design
  • Shop items now use the new list design
  • Profile Inventory items now display both the big shop icon and the small postbit icon
  • Amending a purchased item’s Active/Hidden settings no longer auto-closes the overlay
  • Item Info / Shop Info / Lottery Info links now use advanced SEO URLs rather than relying on URL parameters

Bug Fixes:
  • The "No results" phrase was missing from the Transaction Log
  • The "User" DataWriter integration would not return the correct value on postSave and postDelete
New Features:

Item Type: Profile Music
  • Members can buy the ability to have a MP3 of their choice playing on their profile
  • Uses externally hosted MP3 files, user is responsible for hosting their own MP3s
  • Uses HTML5 player
  • Supports Autoplay (global forum setting)

Item Type: Sticky Thread
  • Members can buy the ability to sticky a thread
  • Can be optionally configured to only allow them to sticky their own threads

Item Type: Move Thread
  • Members can buy the ability to move a thread to a different forum
  • Can be optionally configured to exclude certain forums from the target forum options

Item Type: Moderate Forum
  • Members can buy the ability to moderate a forum
  • The moderator permissions given, as well as the forum it applies to, is configured by the administrator

Item Type: Fire A Moderator
  • Members can buy the ability to fire moderators
  • Which moderator(s) can be fired is configured by the admin
  • Optionally allow "un-firing" (re-adding) a moderator when the item expires or is discarded - restores their old permissions

Criteria: "User has sold at least X items"
  • If the user owns a custom shop, their sales statistics are used here

Shop Filters
  • Sort by default (display order), Popularity (items sold), Title (alphabetical) or Price
  • Order in ascending or descending order
  • Filter items that uses specific currencies
  • Filter by item type

Changed Features:
  • The "User Has Purchased Item" criteria now lets you only include items globally active, and/or only active in the user’s inventory
  • The "Thread Ban" item type now has a new option: Only Own, restricts members to banning members from their own thread
  • A "Buy Ticket" link has been added to the lottery list, if there’s an upcoming draw

Bug Fixes:
  • Certain item types could produce an error after saving configuration, meaning the item could not be configured correctly
  • In certain scenarios it was possible for user group permission checking to not work as expected
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New Features:

User Profile Inventory
  • Displays a mobile-friendly list of user's items in the profile
  • Shown under a new profile tab

AdminCP: Manage Lotteries
  • Ticket Price / Price Currency
  • Main Numbers Drawn
  • Bonus Numbers Drawn
  • Total Numbers Drawn - How many numbers users can choose from when buying tickets. The higher the number, the more difficult it will be to win.
  • Draw Frequency - For recurring lotteries
  • Next Draw Date - Updated automatically if the Draw Frequency is set to a number above 0
  • Configure up to 10 prizes, with individual Lottery Prize requirements to win.
  • Prizes can be paid out in a different currency than the ticket prize.

AdminCP: Manage Lottery Prizes
  • These are the requirements that will be used in the prize configuration for Lotteries
  • Title
  • Description
  • Main Numbers
  • Bonus Numbers

Front-End: Browse Lotteries
  • Lists all created lotteries
  • Overlay popup that allows members to buy tickets and see extended lottery information such as the latest drawn numbers

DragonByte Credits Integration
  • Ability to choose which DB Credits currency your DB Shop currencies are related to
  • Updated automatically when accessing the Manage Currencies page if the Points Table and Points Field settings are identical
  • Automatically creates new Event Triggers and new Events for the integrated currencies whenever points are modified in the shop
  • Adds transaction entries to DragonByte Credits

Bug Fixes:
  • Creating a currency with a column that already existed could in some circumstances create a DB error
  • If an item was set to "only giftable", it could not be deactivated even though the item had been gifted previously
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New Features:

Items: "Stealth Item"
  • A new flag has been added to each individual item's settings: Stealth Item
  • Does not show up in a user's inventory or postbit, but still has an effect

AdminCP Transaction Log Viewer
  • Browse a paginated list of all of the Shop's transaction log entries
  • Filter by user name, start/end date and log entry type
  • Shows all information regarding every transaction

AdminCP Inventory Viewer
  • Add new item to a user
  • Add new item to every user matching a certain user group (or all user groups)
  • Browse a paginated list of all items
  • Filter by user name and/or item
  • Delete item from user

Upgrade Lock
  • Event listeners will no longer run when there's a pending upgrade
  • A notice is displayed in the front-end when there's a pending upgrade

Changed Features:
  • Messages added to item gifts are now censored
  • Changed the installer file structure

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a few server errors on the Item Info popup page
  • Fixed an issue where an incomplete upgrade could lead to server errors
  • Using the Shop's built-in points system would result in an invalid transaction log entry from replying to a post
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New Features:

  • Currencies can now have a prefix/suffix symbol
  • Currency Management now has the same capabilities as DragonByte Credits

Changed Features:
  • Internally, the currency management code has changed to prepare for better integration with DragonByte Credits

Bug Fixes:
  • Currencies were not displayed in the postbit as intended
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New Features:
  • The navbar tab can now be moved to any of the available hook locations in the navbar area via a revamped setting

Bug Fixes:
  • An incompatibility between the "Thread Bans" feature in DB Shop and the "Reply Ban" feature in XF has been resolved
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New Features:
  • Added compatibility with upcoming "Integration" product designed to create a dedicated AdminCP tab for all DragonByte Tech products

Changed Features:
Item Configuration
  • The Postbit Highlight items now take a thread ID as opposed to post ID, and will highlight all of the user’s postbit entries in that thread

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed visual issues with the AdminCP breadcrumbs
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New Features:
  • New Item Type: Thread Highlight (Pre-Configured)
  • New Item Type: Postbit Highlight (Pre-Configured)

Changed Features:
  • Updated the HTML on the item configuration pages to improve compatibility with 3rd party styles

Bug Fixes:
  • In certain scenarios it was possible for a PHP error to display on the Item Management screen in the front-end
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Bug Fixes:
  • In certain cases, a "Cannot redeclare class XFCP_<>" error could be displayed
  • The main shop page was missing the page navigation
  • In certain scenarios it was possible for the AdminCP pages to not load correctly
  • In certain scenarios it was possible for the $ symbol to be replaced by the xf_ table prefix
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