[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

[DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.0.4

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Fix: Bugfix roll-up since previous Beta
Fix: The category filtering options on a Shop's page would not work if multiple categories were in use
Change: Added title bars for per-shop inventory configuration
Fix: Bugfix roll-up from Beta 1
Feature: Compatible with XenForo 2
Change: Completely rewritten framework to add XF2 compatibility and improve performance
Change: Improved the way the Branding Free system works, no longer requires a separate key

Also includes a rollup of any hotfixes from the previous release.
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Fix: Using the "External Redirect" feature in XF would result in an infinite loop
Feature: It is now possible to add extra criteria to items, to control whether the user can purchase the item
Change: Future traded items will not display the "gifted by X" information string
Feature: New Item Type: Post Background
Feature: New Item Type: Post Background (Pre-Defined)
Feature: New User Group Permissions: Can Use Steal
Feature: New User Group Permissions: Can View Lottery
Feature: New User Group Permissions: Can Use Trading
Fix: The per-shop inventory "Active" checkbox was missing from the Item Management page in the front-end
Fix: It was possible to access the Bank even if the user group did not have the necessary permissions
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Feature: The controls for Discard/Gift/Sellback/Settings are now also displayed in the Inventory tab in the profile
Change: The "Default Item Permissions" user group permission has changed to "Allow" rather than "Deny", and is now actually implemented
Fix: User-created items with no image selected would display broken images in the Item Management display in the front-end
Feature: Users may now create more than one custom shop
Feature: A new option has been added to allow users to upload custom images for their user created items
Change: The design of the Shop Management page has changed
Change: The design of the Item Management page has changed