[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

[DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.0.4

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Fix: Fixed an issue where in certain scenarios, a server error could be generated on registration
Fix: Fixed an issue with the Thread Bump item
Change: Added caching for templates that are loaded via template hooks
Fix: Fixed a performance issue that could lead to purchase caches being infinitely rebuilt
Fix: Fixed an issue where using XenForo’s default user styling would not get overridden by User Name Style items
Feature: Trading - Items & currency can now be traded via a new page in the front-end
Change: Removed a few "dead classes" from the system as they served no practical purpose
Change: Deleting a user should now more accurately update/remove now-defunct records across all Shop database tables
Change: The overlay in your inventory where you configure an item’s Active and Hidden settings now uses the formOverlay CSS class (dark style on a default skin)
Change: The "Buy Item As Gift" link no longer has the item description in the overlay
Fix: Fixed an issue where the installer would not update the "Item Type" DB table as intended
Fix: Fixed an issue with the postbit & the new "Item Type" internal changes
Fix: Fixed an issue with deactivating / expired items generating a server error
Fix: Fixed an issue with the Feedback system resulting from a copy/paste error
Fix: Fixed an issue where deactivating the Feedback system would still send requests for feedback to users
Fix: The "Reminder Delay" option was not being respected, instead reminders were always sent 1 day after purchase
Fix: Fixed an "undefined class constant" issue with the Feedback page
Fix: Fixed an issue where setting an item to inactive would hide it from the user’s inventory
Fix: Fixed an issue with deleting an item that could produce a server error
Fix: Fixed an "Undefined offset" issue with the Feedback page if a purchase had been deleted
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Feature: You can now buy an item as a gift directly on the main shop page
Change: The "Item Configure" overlay will now use the "formOverlay" style (a dark style on the default skin)
Change: The "Item Gift" action is now an overlay rather than a separate page
Change: Merging users will now also update the user ID across all DragonByte Shop data (currencies will not be merged at this time)
Change: All queries for fetching the user’s purchased items can now be extended by other modifications
Change: All queries performed by the "lottery info" overlay can now be extended by other modifications
Change: All queries performed by the Transaction Log can now be extended by other modifications
Change: When deleting a currency, Shop Inventory, Shopping Cart and Lottery entries using this currency will now be removed from the system
Change: When deleting an item, the "Latest Sale" flag in shops will get reset if this item was the latest item sold
Change: You can no longer delete the last category from the system, to avoid items becoming invisible
Change: When deleting a category, any items still in that category will be put in the category with the lowest Display Order
Change: The shop page no longer uses the name of the shop you’re currently viewing as the overall page title
Fix: Fixed an issue where deleting a currency could produce a PHP error in the Transaction Log
Fix: Fixed an issue where certain transaction types could produce a "undefined function" error
Fix: The "Configure" link in the inventory will no longer display if the item is a "Preconfigured" item
Fix: The "Sellback" link in the inventory will no longer display if the item’s buyback price is 0
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Changed Features:

Postbit DIsplay
  • Improved performance of the postbit display

Bug Fixes:
  • Some options, including Branding Free, were invisible since the switch to the new tabbed options design
New Features:

Item Types
  • Immunity - Ability to sell immunity to Username Change / User Title Change / Steal.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a few visual issues with the AdminCP transaction log
Bug Fixes:
  • Bugfix rollup from the past two weeks
  • Various framework fixes
New Features:

Live Titles
  • Live Title support for Categories, Currencies, Items, Shops, Lotteries, Lottery Prizes

  • Deposit points to gain interest and/or keep points safe from theft
  • Can be toggled on or off per-currency
  • Theft protection amount and interest rate can be set per-currency
  • Automatic interest via Cron jobs or manual interest can be toggled globally

Shop Feedback
  • Enables members to leave star ratings and a short comment for each item they purchase
  • Can be disabled globally via the Options
  • Displays current average rating and a link to view feedback on the main shop info block
  • Paginated list of existing feedback
  • If the admin enabled the option, users can opt out of leaving feedback for a particular item

Changed Features:
  • On the main shop page, the shop tab is now highlighted for the currently active shop

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the default values would not get loaded when editing a Style item in the AdminCP
  • The AdminCP navigation would not display the correct breadcrumb
  • The "Gift Giver On Mouseover" would not work as intended
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New Features:

AdminCP Menu
  • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation

Changed Features:
  • The mod's options are now tabbed for easier browsing
  • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation
  • Items that cost no credits now displays "Free" in the shop’s item list instead of "0 Credits"
  • The "Total Price" in the sidebar wallet display now applies number formatting and currency prefix/suffix settings

Bug Fixes:
  • The Shop Icon upload box would not appear when creating a new item, only when editing an existing item
  • Fixed an issue where items a member could not afford would still display a Purchase link
  • Fixed an error in the front-end shop management feature when trying to set the Shop Beneficiary to 0
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New Features:

XenForo "News Handler" / Activity Tab Integration
  • Lottery Ticket Bought
  • Winnin Lottery Ticket

AdminCP: Upload Item Image
  • In the Manage Items interface, you can now upload Icons and Shop Icons directly
  • May require CHMOD on some servers, there will be banners alerting you if this is the case

  • Members can steal currency from other members
  • Can be globally turned off in the settings
  • Can be disabled per-currency via the Manage Currencies interface
  • Defaults to a very low percentage chance of success
  • Configure % of the target's total credits that are stolen upon success
  • Configure % of the thief's total credits that are lost upon failure (lost credits vanish, they are not given to the target)
  • XenForo Alerts integration for steal successes and failures

Item Type: Steal Chance
  • Boosts members' chance to steal
  • Can be configured to provide a 1-100% boost (100% being overall maximum for a guaranteed successful steal)

Item Type: Steal More
  • Boosts members' steal reward amount
  • Can be configured to provide a 1-100% boost (100% being overall maximum to steal all of the target's credits)

Changed Features:
  • The Checkout screen now has a new design that is better suited for viewing on mobile devices as well as looking better on regular screens
  • The Shop and Lottery screens now use a new price indicator
  • Changed the internal structure a bit to reduce code duplication
  • Moved icons from /data/DBTech/Shop/images to /styles/DBTech/Shop - please move any custom uploaded items to the new subdirectories. The installer takes care of updating existing item configurations.

Bug Fixes:
  • Currency postbit displays were not working as intended in Conversations
  • BBCode was not parsed in the Profile inventory tab
  • The currency’s rounding settings were not correctly applied on Shop, Inventory and Checkout pages
  • Workaround for Tapatalk’s non-standard initialisation of XenForo
  • Workaround for broken Template Modification in a 3rd party product preventing this mod’s ACP menu from showing
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