[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

[DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.0.4

No permission to buy ($24.95)
Change: Updated the DragonByte Credits event creation files
Fix: The date displayed in the inventory after purchase was incorrect
Fix: Buying multiple quantities of the same limited-duration item could in some scenarios fail to merge them
Feature: Buyback information is now only displayed if buyback is enabled
Change: The "Draw Lottery" cron job is now ran hourly instead of daily
Fix: Resolved multiple "undefined index" and "undefined variable" issues
Fix: Compilation of undocumented hotfixes made throughout the week
Feature: New, improved design! Sidebar navigation, direct links to shops, improved navigation on the item list
Feature: Separate Buyback Currency
Change: "View Shop Feedback" list has been redesigned
Change: "Trade Offer" page has been redesigned
Change: "Purchase As Gift" has a redesigned purchase flow that aims to improve reliability for items with expiry dates
Fix: Lottery Management page now uses currency formatting
Fix: The Auto Discard settings would not save correctly
Fix: In certain scenarios, a server error could appear while interacting with Style items
Fix: The Usergroup Change item would not deactivate correctly when the item was expired
Feature: Per-item flag: Auto Discard Expired Items
Feature: Confirmation dialogue boxes for Discard and Sellback actions
Change: Removed the "View Shop Inventory" button when adding items to cart, as it’s superfluous
Change: Error messages now use the correct response type
Change: There’s now a separate "New Gift From <user>" PM for when the gift giver didn’t leave a message
Change: Temporarily hidden a few settings pertaining to features not yet implemented
Change: It is now possible to buy items as gift if they are already owned by the current user
Fix: Deleting the last piece of feedback would produce a Division by zero error
Fix: In certain cases, a "undefined index" error could appear when handling Profile Music items
Fix: In certain scenarios, attempting to extend the duration of a purchased item could result in a server error
Fix: Buying two different items that added two different additional usergroups would only add the last user group to the member’s account
Fix: Disabling the User Shops via the Options would not hide the two "top control" buttons from the main shop page
Fix: Resolved issues with the "Gift Received" message in the profile inventory tab
Fix: Potential workaround for server errors related to Display Currencies or Navbar Currencies
Fix: "Buyback Price" in the Inventory was not using currency formatting
Fix: Gifting a "Profile Music" item would cause a server error and the item would lose its configuration even if the "No Configuration" box was not checked
Fix: Certain items would not deactivate upon trade or gift
Fix: Resolved an issue where the "Banked" postbit display would not show up
Fix: Potential workaround for an issue where removing an item from the Shop Inventory could glitch a user’s shopping cart
Feature: "Automatically Discard After Use" item flag - discards item after configuration if re-configuration is not allowed
Feature: The user’s Wallet is now displayed in the sidebar on the main Trade page
Change: Back-end changes to make pages, error messages and redirects more compliant with XenForo standards
Fix: Guests would generate a server error by using the new "Display Currency" option
Feature: Designate a currency as "Display Currency" to be displayed on the navbar tab
Change: Currency information is no longer included in Post queries if it’s not needed
Change: Currency information is no longer included in Thread queries if it’s not needed
Fix: Fixed an issue where copying posts into the same thread would cause a database error
Fix: Fixed an issue where uploading a new icon via the AdminCP would not work as intended
Change: Improved performance by implementing phrase caching
Fix: Fixed an issue where the item popup could generate a server error in certain circumstances
Change: "Steal Protect" amounts will no longer display in the bank if the Steal feature has been globally disabled
Fix: Fixed a potential issue where a server error could be generated on checkout
Fix: Fixed an issue where gifting an already configured item would produce a server error in certain circumstances
Fix: Pre-configured items that were Single Use would not be configurable
Fix: The Thread Title Markup items would incorrectly apply to other areas
Fix: The Thread Highlight items would apply the transparency fixes when no gradients were required, disrupting the default XenForo style
Fix: The "Forum Access" item would not work as intended (existing items need to be deactivated and reactivated in the inventory by the buyer in order for this to be resolved)