[DBTech] DragonByte Donate

[DBTech] DragonByte Donate 3.0.3

No permission to buy ($24.95)
Fix: Fixed an issue that could prevent users from donating in certain scenarios
Fix: Bugfix roll-up from Beta 1
Feature: Compatible with XenForo 2
Change: Completely rewritten framework to add XF2 compatibility and improve performance
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Change: Improved the way the Branding Free system works, no longer requires a separate key

Also includes a rollup of any hotfixes from the previous release.
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Feature: Importer: [Aayush] PayPal Donate (Beta)
Change: Updated the DragonByte Credits event creation file
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Fix: The "Recent Donators" sidebar block was missing the </a> tag
Change: Back-end changes to make pages, error messages and redirects more compliant with XenForo standards
Fix: If the per donation drive PayPal email was not listed in XenForo’s PayPal email configuration, donations received would not be awarded
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Feature: Recent Donators block on the main Donate page
Feature: Top Donators block on the main Donate page
Change: The check for expired donation drives is now ran at one minute past midnight, thereby avoiding issues where an expired recurring donation drive would be inactive for a full day.
Feature: Top Donators block on forum home
Feature: Recent Donators block on forum home
Feature: Setting a goal amount of 0 will now allow you to run a donation drive without any goal
Change: Improved performance by implementing phrase caching
Fix: Fixed a graphical issue with the donation progress bar for certain languages