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  1. R

    XF 1.5 How to configure paypal?

    I have problems configuring paypal for my user upgrades. My paypal business account offers a paypal plus option providing additional payment options like debit, bank transfer and credit card. These are the most common payment methods in Germany. Does xenforo 1.5 support paypal plus as payment...
  2. Mete Turan

    Paypal problem

    I want to update my Xenforo account. It costs 40 bucks. However, the use of Paypal in Turkey is closed. How do I update my Xenforo account in this case?
  3. Live Free

    XF 1.5 Possible User Upgrade Problem

    Over the past two month I've had a much higher than usual number of user subscription upgrades fail. I'm trying to figure out if it's a case of available funds or if there's a real issue here. The most common issue is subscription payment failed with txn_type: subscr_failed. Another is...
  4. E-Tool

    Paid Access Other Than PayPal

    Is it possible to use a payment processor for limited access other than PayPal? Can that access be tired?
  5. vFranky

    PayPal Donation Link or AddOn

    Hello, I am looking for a useful PayPal donation link. There is the possibility to generate a donation link at PayPal, but the generate a html form code, much to complex. Isn't there a simple solution? I would like use our logo bitmap with a simple link. Or an XenForo AddOn. But I do not found...
  6. Perspektif

    Paypal Problem

    hi,I am from Turkey, And my english is not so good. I can not buy with PayPal. İs there a different way to buy ?
  7. Mr Lucky

    XF 1.5 How to Collect Adresses with Account Ugrades

    My Paypal account statements shows the address if somebody uses my donation button, but if they purchase an account upgrade on xenforo, the address does not seem to be captured, so does not show on the paypal statement. Does anyone now of a setting (presumably in paypal as I don't see one in...
  8. S

    Is it possible to chargeback after purchasing the license?

    Hi, I wonder what happens if I purchase XenForo with eCheck through PayPal and apply a chargeback or refund or something after that? I'm asking this because someone is going to purchase me a XenForo with eCheck on PayPal and going to give me login details to customer area on xenforo.com. I...
  9. DragonByte Tech

    [DBTech] DragonByte Donate 2.5.0

    DragonByte Donate is a professional donation mod, allowing administrators to accept donations from PayPal (additional options available via [bd] Paygates as an optional add-on). Uses DragonByte Donate is the ideal product for forums that wish to accept donations from their members. Featuring...
  10. Rigo

    XF 1.5 Paypal TLS 1.2 upgrade/fix question

    So I went in to edit some of my special group users info under admin -> users -> User Upgrades and noticed this message: "Starting June 18, 2016, PayPal will require all requests to use TLS 1.2 and your server does not have the required SSL libraries to support this. Without TLS 1.2 support...
  11. Mr Lucky

    XF 1.5 Force Upgrade Paypal to request address

    is there any way to make the upgrade button force the user to give their address? I asked Paypal if I can have address details shown in my account when people use the upgrade button, and they replied that this is a user setting which is part of the button configuration, and that I should speak...
  12. MJ0730

    XF 1.5 Paypal error

    Hello, When testing paypal sandbox payments, it looks good on the paypal side, but in xenforo logs i get the message "Information: OK, no action" and no upgrade to the account is made. Heres the full log: Action: Information: OK, no action User: Unknown Account Only log entries that involve a...
  13. X

    Sandbox Paypal 1.0.4

    Forces XenForo to use the Paypal sandbox. When this add-on is active, XenForo will refuse to talk to live Paypal. Activation requirements Log in with your paypal account into https://developer.paypal.com/, and ensure you have a Business sandbox user and a Personal sandbox user (you may need...
  14. dutchbb

    XF 1.5 User upgrades stopped working

    For some reason user upgrades have stopped working recently. Did Paypal change anything, how can I test the system to find out what's going on? Also from te help page: I can not find this anywhere in my Paypal account since they changed the whole layout there. Some help is appreciated.
  15. Aayush Agrawal

    Beta [Aayush] Paypal Donate Integration with [bd] Paygates 1.0

    Replace built-in PayPal with Paygates in Donate system. Installation: 1. Upload the library directory into your forum root. 2. Import XML File 3. Configure pay gate options in User Upgrade page (AdminCP)
  16. StarArmy

    Fixed Poor Grammar in Phrasing for TLS 1.2 Warning in XenForo 1.5.6

    The new message here seems to have missed proofreading. I think it should say "Starting June 18, 2016, PayPal will require all requests to use TLS 1.2 and that your server has the required SSL libraries to support this. Without TLS 1.2 support, user upgrades will not be processed correctly...
  17. DevTech

    Xenforo Tax Info From India

    Is here anyone from india who bought XF liscense. So that I came to know the tax percentage from paypal. As I am a student so dont have much amount in bank :p and will collect according to that. Regards
  18. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Adding Paypal link in signature?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has been able to do this? It's to allow people to donate toward work to be done. Would be nice to have something discrete... Thank you! Andre
  19. enivid

    Add-on Ctrl+Enter to Post Reply and Create Thread

    Hello! I need an add-on that would allow members to use Ctrl+Enter (or Mac equivalent) to submit the form in post reply, create thread, and start conversation dialog. The attached add-on does a good job with this task, but it has the following limitations: 1. Does not work when rich editor is...
  20. enivid

    Add-on User Notes

    Hello! I need an add-on that would implement a system of user notes for all forum members. The aim of the system is to let users to keep a short custom note about any other user. The best implementation of this system that I know of is in the LiveJournal social network engine. vBulletin has a...