PayPal has shipping button for my donations


I have donations setup on my forum. They are not recurring payments. When I receive a donation the member is promoted to a Pledge Membership user group which seems to be working fine, but in my PayPal activity the donation has a shipping button. Is there any way to accept a donation with PayPal but not have a shipping button? I have to mark each one as shipped in order to get rid of the stupid button, and of course I'm not shipping anything.

Recurring payments didn't create a shipping button, but that turned out to be a nightmare so I dumped it.



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If you mean in the PayPal account itself, just ignore it. You don't have to do anything about them.

I get those every time I invoice for services. Nothing to ship there either and I don't need a shipping label printed.


I can't just ignore it, because I also sell items which need a shipping button, and it just gets confusing with donations mixed in with product sales. I was hoping for a solution to eliminate the button on the donations since nothing gets shipped.