1. Siropu

    Donations by Siropu 1.4.1

    Goals Create multiple goals and receive donations in multiple currencies and convert them to your primary currency. Display progress bar. Display expenses list. Display latest donor. Display latest donations Display top donors. Display donor benefits. If no goals are created, a simple widget...
  2. E

    PayPal has shipping button for my donations

    I have donations setup on my forum. They are not recurring payments. When I receive a donation the member is promoted to a Pledge Membership user group which seems to be working fine, but in my PayPal activity the donation has a shipping button. Is there any way to accept a donation with PayPal...
  3. truonglv

    [tl] Donations (Campaigns) 1.0.1

    Features: Use XenForo payment system Automatically close the campaign if specified. Required minimum amount to become a contribute Alerts when campaign reached the goal Automatically close the campaign when reached goal Promo contributor with extra user groups when contributed Support widget...
  4. DragonByte Tech

    [DBTech] DragonByte Donate 3.7.0

    DragonByte Donate is a professional donation mod, allowing administrators to accept donations from any payment processor you've added to XenForo 2. Uses DragonByte Donate is the ideal product for forums that wish to accept donations from their members. Featuring the ability to create multiple...
  5. Alpha1

    Official XenForo Commerce Addon: Donations, Shop, Billing, Monetizing, Ads, Subs, affiliate, etc

    IMHO financial features need to be in 1st party software because of the potential for abuse and the need for solid code. Such functionality would give addon developers a wide range of possibilities. Having such official addon would allow xenforo webmasters to generate much more income through...
  6. DragonByte Tech

    [DBTech] DragonByte Donate 3.0.3

    DragonByte Donate is a professional donation mod, allowing administrators to accept donations from PayPal (additional options available via [bd] Paygates as an optional add-on). Uses DragonByte Donate is the ideal product for forums that wish to accept donations from their members. Featuring...
  7. iseamonet

    Add-on Is there a Fundraising Add-on?

    Is there a Fundraising Add-on? Possibly a donation add-on that is vivid and styled with colors and the ability to post media and BBcode/Html/CSS to make the donation attractive?
  8. jauburn

    Please recommend a donation manager

    I'm using an old, outdated donation manager add-on, and it never did quite work right (new donations have to be added manually to display correctly). I would like to get recommendations from fellow forum owners about which donation manager they use/like best. I'm looking for one that does these...
  9. Aayush Agrawal

    Unmaintained [Aayush] Paypal Donate Integration with [bd] Paygates 1.0

    Replace built-in PayPal with Paygates in Donate system. Installation: 1. Upload the library directory into your forum root. 2. Import XML File 3. Configure pay gate options in User Upgrade page (AdminCP)
  10. N

    Public List of Recent Members with Account Upgrades

    I am using user account upgrades for seeking donations... Is there any simple way possible to display a page where all users who have 'donated' can be displayed without installing any full fledged free/paid addons... :whistle: just an automatic list of recent user account upgrades, which can be...
  11. ALFrisbee

    Add-on Donation widget to replace XenPorta1 Donation 'block'

    Hi, I see various requests for donation addon development, but in my searching have yet to find something suitable for what I'm after. I'm looking for (and prepared to pay for) an addon/widget for a simple donation system. Specifically, I like the pie-chart style design of the Donation 'block'...
  12. Alpha1

    XenForo Wallet & Purchasable Features

    It would be very useful if XenForo would have a Wallet for members. Members would be able to fund their XenForo Wallet with through their PayPal account or credit card. The balance in their XenForo Wallet could then be used to buy purchasable items, transfer amounts to other members or buy an...
  13. XFA

    [XFA] RM Donations 3.1.0

    Description This add-on lets you prompt a popup under your user mouse when they hover the download button on the resource page. Through the Resource Categories configuration system, the administrator select in which categories donations can be requested and for each each of these categories if...
  14. Lemminator

    Add-on Live Search for Xenforo !

    Hi @all, i'm searching for an AJAX based Live Search add-on Live Search like there was one for vBulletin [AJAX] Live Search - Forum . These addon should be compatible with enhanced search und maybe integrated some other addons. Some users made an donation so we can hire an coder...
  15. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Adyen payment support (250+ payment methods)

    Please consider to add support for Adyen payment methods. This will allow people to pay with 100+ payment methods including online banking, bitcoin and cash. Adyen advertises easy integration. It has a Direct API and as a platform it offers and allows for plugins. Please see: International...
  16. Aayush Agrawal

    Unmaintained [Aayush] PayPal Donate 1.04

    Description: Advanced PayPal Donate system for XenForo. Features: Allow users to donate suggested or custom amounts, or both Ability to set a goal with title and description Ability to set a minumum donation amount Option to set permissions for donating and viewing Donation listing Donation...
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