Need a pay-for badge/trophy system, with levels and adjusted amounts


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What I want to do is offer to sell a badge/banner/reward for $10, $20, $50 or $100
When they buy one, they get the badge/banner/reward which will show up like any other badge/banner/reward.

However lets say they bought the $10 badge, but now want the $50. I want them to be able to pay the difference and then
get that badge. So $10 badge can buy $20, $50, $100. The $20 can buy $50 or $100. Like that.

There really isnt any kind of account changes with the purchase, just they now have that badge/banner/reward.

I would like to use paypal and/or stripe.

It would have a little formatting like a one page shopping cart with the options of items above. Then they would go through
payment process and then I would like it to issue the badge/banner/reward automatically, but in worst case can do manually.

Does such a tool exist ? Is there anyone that can code something like this ? Any idea of cost ?
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